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Donations to Community Libraries Support Literacy in Rural Areas

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Image: Two men and two women are smiling while holding a donation check from Domtar in the amount of $225,000 to support the construction of a new local library in Windsor, Quebec. They are standing in the children’s literature area of the library. Domtar’s commitment to literacy drives our investments in community libraries like this one.

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Domtar’s commitment to literacy drives our investments in community libraries across Canada and the United States. We recognize the integral connection between paper and learning, as well as the unique role of local libraries.

As part of our 175th anniversary celebration, we made one of the largest community investments in our history to support the construction of a new community library in Windsor, Quebec, home to our Windsor Mill. Domtar committed $225,000 to support the project, which will relocate the Patrick Dignan Library to a new building that will offer more space and improved accessibility.

“Domtar’s partnership with the library project is a natural fit. In addition to being a mobilizing and inclusive project for the entire community, it is directly linked to our product, paper,” says Sylvain Bricault, general manager of the Windsor Mill.

Libraries are enjoying a lift in the social media age, with a boost from a California librarian who promotes library experiences on TikTok and Instagram. Mychal Threets tells the New York Times he wants to share “library joy.”

Domtar, part of the Paper Excellence Group of companies, shares library joy, too.

Promoting Literacy with other Community Libraries and Beyond

In other communities across Canada and the United States, our Powerful Pages initiative helps us promote education and emphasize literacy through a partnership with First Book. This partnership allows us to provide new books to children who may not otherwise have access to books of their own.

Through an initiative with Classroom Central in Charlotte, North Carolina, we provide thousands of books for elementary school teachers to expand their classroom libraries.

Our employees also recognize the importance of community libraries and have invested their time and energy to sustain them.

The Johnsonburg Mill in Pennsylvania has given more than $20,000 to support the Johnsonburg Public library in the past few years, and employees have used 2K Your Way projects to enhance the space. Johnsonburg Mill employee Marsha Muroski serves on the board of directors.

In January 2024, the Hawesville Mill donated $10,000 to support the Hancock County Public Library.

And at other locations in Arkansas, Kentucky and Wisconsin, we have contributed to expanding book selections and enhancing spaces for reading.

“We’re proud to have a legacy of being a good neighbor in our local communities around North America and supporting deserving organizations,” says Jan Martin, director of communications and public affairs for Domtar.