Color Palette

Our colors are unique to us. They help create our look, tone and feel. We’ve staked our claim on a section of the palette to create our colors so making them synonymous with the brand every chance we get is essential. It helps to unify us as a brand, makes our communications memorable and separates us from the competition.

Corporate Colors

PMS 287
C100 M69 Y0 K11
Hex #00529b

PMS 369
C65 M0 Y100 K9
Hex #59ad40

Secondary Colors

C90 M41 Y0 K0
Hex #007fc5

C86 M0 Y23 K0
Hex #00b3c9

C61 M0 Y11 K0
Hex #4bc6df

C41 M0 Y18 K0
Hex #92d5d5

C92 M12 Y100 K0
Hex #009c4c

C58 M0 Y100 K0
Hex #78c043

C38 M0 Y91 K0
Hex #aad049

C20 M10 Y0 K65
Hex #5e6673

C5 M0 Y0 K20
Hex #c4ced4

Safety Orange

C0 M61 Y97 K0
Hex #f58025


More than just a pretty (type) face.
Typography is a key element of presentation. It can make titles and headings more attractive, but it can also make text more inviting and easier to read. Consistent typography reflects the company’s enduring values and conveys them to readers.

For applications where Myriad Pro and Sabon are unavailable, system fonts (the fonts that come pre-loaded on all PCs) may be substituted, e.g., memos, PowerPoint presentations, Word docs. These fonts include Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman.

text myriad pro

Myriad Pro

text sabon


Graphic Elements

Sometimes it just takes a quick visual cue to let people know a piece of communication is coming from Domtar. Use these where you see fit to add a stylish look to your communication that at the same time helps to unify the brand.
Backgrounds: Use backgrounds to add texture and to add interest.

Download TIFF

High relief crumpled paper with a textured finish

Download TIFF

White blank paper on beech wood background

Download TIFF

Paper texture

Download TIFF

Paper towel texture