Rob Melton, Domtar leader, and Mary Anne Hansan of the Paper & Packaging Board

Domtar Leader Lends Expertise & Experience to Industry Organization

…become “papertarians” — people who choose paper and paper-based products because of the positive effects these choices have on forests and the overall environment. From choosing products made of paper

Industry continues to support Paper and Packaging Board program

Industry Continues Support for Paper and Packaging Board Program

…the “Papertarian way” by choosing paper and paper-based packaging and practicing sustainability. “The holidays are a very paper intense season, so we wanted to capture and grow [consumer] interest with…

paper management system for important paper records

Organize Your Finances with a Paper Management System

…system that organizes paper statements, receipts, invoices and written budgets can also help you become more financially responsible? Here are four reasons why: You can see paper. When a paper

ways to recycle paper in your garden

4 Ways to Use Recycled Paper in Your Garden

…can also create your own paper pots using empty cardboard toilet paper rolls or even a paper egg carton — an easy way to user recycled paper in your garden….

curbside recycling tips

The Dos & Don’ts of Modern Curbside Recycling

…for more detailed information and links to helpful resources. Shredded paper is not recyclable. If paper is recyclable, then shredded paper must be recyclable, right? The answer is a not-so-simple…

Textured light green background with darker green icons. Text overlay: Next is NOW. N includes image of a young Black woman, O includes image of a young white man, W includes image of young Black man - all interns at Domtar who shared their next-gen perspectives in this article.

Next-Gen Perspectives: Domtar Interns Explore the Pulp and Paper Industry

…of paper, but I had no idea how it ended up on the shelf. Now I’ve seen how paper is made, so when I go buy paper, I know where…

Woman with paper packaging. Paper Packaging Answers Demand for Plastic Alternatives

Paper Packaging Answers Demand for Plastic Alternatives

…69 percent choose paper or corrugated because it is compostable at home. More than 50 percent think paper is easier to recycle, less expensive, and lighter weight than other packaging…

paper artist Calvin Nicholls with two of his works

Paper Artist Calvin Nicholls Finds Inspiration in the Forest

…in the mid-1980s after another artist’s paper sculptures inspired him to try working with the medium. Read on to learn about this paper artist’s stunning three-dimensional paper sculptures of wildlife….

paper recycling rates are high

Paper Recycling Rates Remain High as Bills Target Producer Responsibility

…continue the best use of recycled fiber in our products.” Learn more about paper recycling rates and efforts to reduce paper waste: 5 Paper Sustainability Myths — and the Truth…

National Inventors Month: innovative paper inventions and the stories behind them

National Inventors Month: How Paper Transformed Society

paper in nearly every operating paper mill today. George H. Tomlinson, inventor of the recovery boiler An employee of a Domtar predecessor company made a breakthrough innovation in the paper