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Ashdown Fluff Pulp Named Coolest Thing Made in Arkansas

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Our fluff pulp was named as the coolest thing made in Arkansas. Image: Group of Ashdown Mill employees below banner that says WINNER 2023 Coolest Thing Made in Arkansas.

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Fluff pulp is cool. Who knew? The people of Arkansas, that’s who. They voted Domtar’s fluff pulp the coolest thing made in their state.

The Coolest Thing Made in Arkansas is a program sponsored by Arkansas Business, a weekly business journal and the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce and Associated Industries of Arkansas.

Fluff pulp from our mill in Ashdown, Arkansas, uses wood harvested from sustainably managed forests in the region. In the final stage of voting, called the “Featured Four,” our fluff pulp competed against rubber bands, a sliding shoe sorter and aluminum swirl tables. 

We’re honored to have been chosen the winner in the 2023 contest.

“We are honored to see our fluff pulp be recognized as the coolest thing made in the state. The Ashdown Mill team is committed to producing the highest quality fluff pulp for our customers in a safe and environmentally friendly manner every single day,” says Ashdown Mill Manager JC Allaire.

“I couldn’t be more proud to see their efforts acknowledged in this way.”

Why is fluff pulp the coolest thing made in Arkansas?

Fluff pulp is the absorbent material found in many brands of baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, meat packaging, pet pads and other absorbent products.

It is made by breaking wood chips down into wood fibers. These fibers are cleaned, bleached and dried before being packaged on large rolls and shipped all over the world.

The rolls are then “fluffed” by a machine that separates the fibers, which are formed into absorbent cores for a variety of hygiene products.

Domtar also manufactures fluff pulp at our Plymouth Mill in North Carolina, which was featured in a recent video by the North Carolina Forestry Association.

In the video, John Edwards, an operations superintendent at Domtar’s Plymouth Mill, describes how we make fluff pulp and some of the ways it is used.

We’re proud of our stewardship of forest resources and our products, including fluff pulp, which is also produced by our Paper Excellence Group colleagues at Resolute Forest Products’ Coosa Pines, Alabama, mill.

Learn more about the Ashdown Mill, where we manufacture the coolest thing made in Arkansas: