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Domtar Anniversary Celebrates Legacy of Adaptation, Innovation

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Domtar anniversary celebrates 175 years of innovation and adaptation

Domtar’s 175-year history tells a story of entrepreneurship, ingenuity and, perhaps most of all, adaptations. As we celebrate this significant Domtar anniversary, we’re reminded that change — at the right place and time — has been key to our long and successful story. It has brought us opportunities to move forward with new purpose and prosper in new ways.

We pride ourselves on making products people around the world rely on every day. It was true in the early 1900s, and it’s true today. The materials and products that people need have changed in the past 175 years, and so have we, as we continue to focus on manufacturing what people need most.

We invite you to celebrate our past and look forward to our future by taking two minutes to watch the following video.

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Domtar Anniversary Video (with subtitles)

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Domtar anniversary celebrates 175 years of distinction

We developed a Domtar anniversary guide to the many times when we decided to do something different, or do it differently. Take a look at these milestones:

1848 — Our story starts in England, when Henry Potter Burt founded Burt, Boulton Holdings Ltd, focusing on treating lumber to prevent decay. He recognized the growing demand for railway ties and wharf pilings.

1903 — The company established its first North American plant in Nova Scotia and changed its name to Dominion Tar and Chemical Company.

1920s — Company leaders recognized the building boom following World War I and entered the construction materials business. Product lines expanded to include roofing, paving and other construction materials. This decade also marked the company’s entry into the U.S. market.

1937-1940 — While the Great Depression brought economic hardship, it also brought opportunities. In the late 1930s, Dominion Tar and Chemical invested in Industrial Minerals, an Alberta company that produced more than 8,000 tons of salt under the trade name Sifto.

1950s and 60s — The company moved into another new market, first producing and selling fine paper in 1961.

1989 — Domtar exited the consumer products business and turned to manufacturing commodities for conversion or packaging prior to sale.

2007 — Domtar Corporation combined the assets of Domtar Inc. with the fine paper business of Weyerhaeuser Company, two papermaking organizations, to create a new leading North American manufacturer of uncoated freesheet (UFS).

2021 – Domtar joined the Paper Excellence group of companies.

2023 — Domtar began making 100-percent recycled containerboard at the converted Kingsport Mill, marking a re-entry into packaging. Additionally, Domtar welcomed Resolute Forest Products into the Paper Excellence group of companies.

Throughout our history, we’ve recognized opportunity as the world has changed around us. With agility, innovation and caring, we continue to look ahead. Next is now.