AFF FFCP carbon sequestration

Domtar Joins American Forest Foundation’s Family Forest Carbon Program

…their land in Pennsylvania, where the program is being pilot tested. Share Close Pinterest Linkedin Twitter Facebook Paige Goff, vice president of sustainability at Domtar, recently began a three-year term…

lessons learned during engineering internships at Domtar

Engineers Share Four Surprising Lessons Learned from Internships

…mill, not just in one department. Basically, it’s all about problem solving, which is needed everywhere. — Braden 2) Pulp and paper mills are safe, clean and operate with sustainability

Kamloops Mill water quality program protects natural resources

Improving and Protecting Water Quality from the Ground Up

…our water resources, as highlighted in our 2017 Sustainability Report. Our Approach to Water Quality In 2016, roughly 94 percent of the water Domtar used at its pulp and paper…

the new eco-friendly facility will offer many benefits to Kingsport

Circular Economy Principles Bring Materials Back Around at Kingsport Mill

…boxes and other kinds of mixed recycled paper used to produce new recycled packaging products will pass through the warehouse. Every aspect of the warehouse was planned with sustainability and…

National Forest Products Week illustration of everyday forest products

National Forest Products Week: 5 Facts About Goods From the Woods

…the past five years. 2. Many forest products, including paper and paper-based packaging, can be recycled into new products multiple times, offering greater sustainability for our planet. 3. The United…

biomass is an important part of our renewable energy plan

Biomass from Wood Byproducts Fuels Mills with Renewable Energy

…solar combined. Not only do we use that energy to power our mills, but also we provide renewable energy credits to help other companies meet their own internal sustainability goals….

GivingTuesday Blanding's Turtle

Domtar’s 1K Your Way Reflects Spirit of GivingTuesday

…them in this work,” says Paige Goff, vice president for sustainability at Domtar. “This aligns so well with our value of caring and our desire to be a good neighbor…

Hassen Debbache is one of Domtar's environmental engineers.

Meet Hassen Debbache, One of Domtar’s Environmental Engineers

…chemical engineer looking to start his career in a sustainability-focused industry, Hassen Debbache quickly homed in on the forest products industry and Domtar’s Dryden Mill. He not only helps the…

America Recycles Day man in green shirt with the recycle symbol

America Recycles Day: Join the Call to Reduce Waste and Recycle

…Recycling at Domtar goes beyond our paper recycling efforts. Our environmental and sustainability leaders across our manufacturing network are always looking for beneficial reuse opportunities for our products and byproducts,…

procurement process

Paper Sourcing Matters: A Look at Bell Canada’s Paper Procurement Process

…than just giving lip service to sustainability, having a clear sustainability policy provides companies with something they can strive for and be held accountable to.” Bell Canada’s Paper Procurement Process…