Rob Melton, Domtar leader, and Mary Anne Hansan of the Paper & Packaging Board

Domtar Leader Lends Expertise & Experience to Industry Organization

…become “papertarians” — people who choose paper and paper-based products because of the positive effects these choices have on forests and the overall environment. From choosing products made of paper

Domtar candy wrappers

Domtar Candy Wrappers: A Trick-or-Treat Essential

…every day of the year. Learn more about Domtar Specialty Papers: A Look at Sandpaper, Masking Paper and Other Industrial Papers Domtar Food Packaging Papers: Coming to a Meal Near…

paper recycling

5 Paper Sustainability Myths — and the Truth About the Paper Industry

Paper 5 Ways to Be More Mindful Using Paper Back-to-School Report: Paper and Productive Learning E-Documents or Paper: Which Should I Choose? Paper Plays a Key Role During Graduation Season…

Three of the top Paper Myths Paper Myth

Three of the Top Paper Myths Debunked

…Association’s Paper School. As part of that presentation, he debunks three paper myths about the industry’s impact on our planet. Paper Myth #1: Paper production causes deforestation on a massive…

Use Paper Statements to Manage Finances in the New Year

Use Paper Statements to Manage Finances in the New Year

…also receive mailed paper statements, and that 44 percent of credit card holders receive both types of statements. Why Paper Statements Matter Whether you prefer paper statements, electronic statements or…

Domtar’s Paper Division

Domtar’s Paper Division: Who We Are

…largest selection of uncoated papers in North America – from high quality office, printing, publishing, digital and inkjet papers, to innovative converting and specialty papers. Our network of mills and…

wood pulp

Wood Pulp Makes Life Better Every Day

…It’s also easy to refine and is very clean. These properties make this wood pulp well-suited for medical packaging, coated and uncoated specialty paper, printing and writing paper grades, and…

Fun by the Ton: Inside Domtar’s Ridgefields Paper Converting Facility

…Boggs, Ridgefields’ manager, and the 52 men and women who transform the giant rolls of paper into paper reams and other everyday paper products. Boggs says 98 percent of Ridgefields’…

paper management system for important paper records

Organize Your Finances with a Paper Management System

…system that organizes paper statements, receipts, invoices and written budgets can also help you become more financially responsible? Here are four reasons why: You can see paper. When a paper

Domtar Everyday: Our Products Are Part of Everyday Life

…business and we transform it into everyday items, such as communication and specialty papers, absorbent hygiene products, bathroom and facial tissue, paper towels, napkins and more. Paper Products Using our…