Textured light green background with darker green icons. Text overlay: Next is NOW. N includes image of a young Black woman, O includes image of a young white man, W includes image of young Black man - all interns at Domtar who shared their next-gen perspectives in this article.

Next-Gen Perspectives: Domtar Interns Explore the Pulp and Paper Industry

…of paper, but I had no idea how it ended up on the shelf. Now I’ve seen how paper is made, so when I go buy paper, I know where…

paper artist Calvin Nicholls with two of his works

Paper Artist Calvin Nicholls Finds Inspiration in the Forest

…in the mid-1980s after another artist’s paper sculptures inspired him to try working with the medium. Read on to learn about this paper artist’s stunning three-dimensional paper sculptures of wildlife….

paper recycling rates are high

Paper Recycling Rates Remain High as Bills Target Producer Responsibility

…continue the best use of recycled fiber in our products.” Learn more about paper recycling rates and efforts to reduce paper waste: 5 Paper Sustainability Myths — and the Truth…

National Inventors Month: innovative paper inventions and the stories behind them

National Inventors Month: How Paper Transformed Society

paper in nearly every operating paper mill today. George H. Tomlinson, inventor of the recovery boiler An employee of a Domtar predecessor company made a breakthrough innovation in the paper

field notes consumer paper products

From Factory to Field (Notes): A Consumer Paper Products Story

This is the first in a two-part series about Domtar’s consumer paper products relationship with Field Notes®. Field Notes memo books are some of the most recognizable consumer paper products…

Domtar Paper Matters Podcast promo

The Paper Matters Podcast: Another Way to Tell Our Story

…and the Paper Matters blog. Additional Resources Paper Matters blog Paper Matters Podcast on Apple Podcasts Paper Matters Podcast on Spotify Two Sides North America Find Rainforest Alliance-certified products Domtar…

Cougar Paper Trails printing primer helps creatives choose the right paper for the job.

CougarĀ® Paper Trails Offers Printing Primer for Creatives

…copy of Cougar Paper Trails, Volume 1, visit paper.domtar.com. More about Cougar Domtar Paper Blog: Introducing Cougar® Paper Trails Where It’s Made: Domtar’s Rothschild Mill Domtar Celebrates 50 Years of…

Field Notes production process

From Factory to Field (Notes): Behind the Production Process

…used to produce Field Notes body paper. Cougar® paper from our Rothschild Mill is also used for Field Notes covers. A truck lumbers down Route 219 towards the Johnsonburg Mill,…

Packaging innovation supports further sustainability

Sustainability, Consumer Demand Drive Paper Packaging Innovation

paper by encouraging packaging innovation. “There’s a hunger for innovative paper and cardboard packaging solutions among sustainability advocates and informed consumers alike,” explained Mary Anne Hansan, president of the Paper

Pulp and paper products lead the way in recycling. Image: Man holding recycling container filled with recyclable paper products.

Pulp and Paper Products Lead the Way in Recycling

Paper Products The pulp and paper industry is a leader in recycling, with high rates of recovery for both paper and packaging. Heidi Brock, president and CEO of the American…