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The Paper Matters Podcast: Another Way to Tell Our Story

Domtar Paper Matters Podcast promo

At first glance, hosting a podcast for a paper company may seem contradictory. And for a nearly 175-year-old company, a podcast may be unexpected. But Domtar’s Paper Matters podcast helps us tell our sustainability story and share how paper, pulp and packaging are essential to our customers and communities.

“We’re using the Paper Matters podcast to create greater connection with our customers and consumers,” says Ashley Maydak, creative and brand manager for paper at Domtar. “More people than ever are tuning in to podcasts regularly, and we saw a great opportunity to expand our reach and share more about Domtar and its expertise using a podcast.”

With the sale of our Personal Care business, Domtar is evolving into a paper, pulp and packaging company. The Paper Matters podcast, launched in 2020 and produced by our team at Domtar Paper, reports on trends and initiatives in the forest products and printing industries and provides insights on how paper and print have evolved. It also highlights our commitment to sustainable forestry and other sustainability practices that are part of our fiber.

During Earth Week, the Paper Matters podcast is releasing two new episodes featuring sustainability and third-party forestry certifications.

Sustainability Buzzwords — Bogus or Benefit?

Paige Goff featured on Paper Matters Podcast

The first episode features Paige Goff, vice president of sustainability at Domtar. She and Maydak discuss sustainability buzzwords to help the public better understand what’s bogus and what’s beneficial. Learn more about the facts behind words and phrases like “going green,” “greenwashing,” “responsibly sourced,” “recycled” vs. “recyclable,” “compostable” vs. “biodegradable,” and more, and get tips on how to vote for real sustainability with your dollars by seeking out fiber-based products that have third-party certifications.

Goff also shares how sustainability is part of Domtar’s DNA, why we invest in third-party certifications and how we partner with landowners.

Rainforest Alliance Offers Sustainability Insights

The second episode features Samantha Morrissey from Rainforest Alliance. Rainforest Alliance sets the standards for sustainability across multiple pillars — forests, climate, human rights and livelihoods. Products, raw materials or ingredients must meet these standards in order to receive certification as a responsibly-sourced product.

Morrissey shares how Rainforest Alliance has worked with Domtar since 2004 on various projects, including the Appalachian Woodlands Alliance, and she discusses the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on sustainability and consumer choice. Morrissey and Maydak also explore how different generations view sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Rainforest Alliance certification seal “In order to catalyze the sustainability transformation on a global scale, we need millions of people making choices that are better for people in nature,” says Morrissey. “Looking for the certification schemes on your packaging is a really great way to know there’s due diligence in the supply chain, companies are putting effort towards being certified, and they’re sourcing the materials in a responsible way.”

These certifications include:

Both Paper Matters podcast episodes share how important it is to be curious consumers. Look for third-party certification seals so that you know which standards were followed in producing the items you purchase. Domtar’s third-party certification records can be found on our website. Note: This list does not include consumer products made using Domtar paper or wood pulp and sold under other brand names.

If you are interested in learning more about how forests are sustainably managed, check out the podcast episode with Donna Janssen, a family landowner. Listen to these and other Paper Matters podcast episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the Paper Matters blog.

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