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EAM Expansion Will Position Domtar as a Leading Nonwovens Provider

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EAM groundbreaking positions Domtar as a leading nonwovens provider

Domtar leaders, along with numerous Georgia state and local officials, recently broke ground to celebrate the expansion of our Jesup, Georgia-based Engineered Absorbent Materials (EAM)* facility. The project will add a large-scale airlaid production line to the facility, making Domtar a leading nonwovens provider.

“This project is an integral part of our long-term strategy to grow our position as a leading global absorbent materials and technology business, offering our customers both fluff pulp and airlaid nonwoven materials,” said Domtar President & CEO John Williams about Domtar’s goal to become a leading nonwovens provider. “Combining EAM’s expertise with our world-class fluff pulp business will allow us to deliver value to our customers, and Domtar, for many years to come.”

Since 2000, the team at EAM has set the hygiene industry standard for custom core solutions – making products thinner and better performing for customers around the globe and helping improve the absorbent products people rely on every day.

“When it comes to absorbent hygiene products, what you can’t see is often the most important part,” said Lewis Fix, Domtar vice president, commercial pulp and airlaid. “We design and manufacture customizable, thin and flexible airlaid and laminate materials that keep customers comfortable and dry. Manufacturers incorporate these high-performance materials into a wide range of products sold under the NovaThin® and NovaZorb® brands.”

“Our cores are mainstays in a variety of leading consumer products, including feminine hygiene, adult incontinence, baby diapers and pet care products,” Fix said. “They are also used in specialty medical and packaging applications where absorbency and hygiene are important key attributes.”

Our products are designed and tested at EAM’s state-of-the-art research complex, where a team of scientists and engineers are already developing the next generation of absorbent materials for consumer and industrial applications.

“After visiting our site recently, one of our most important customers told us how impressed they were by our team’s willingness to help problem solve, our collaborative culture and our deep product insights,” said Lori Venn, vice president of airlaid sales and marketing.

The expansion at EAM will bring 75 new jobs to the facility when it’s complete in 2022, positioning Domtar as a leading nonwovens provider.

Elizabeth McLean, project manager from the Georgia Department of Economic Development thanked everyone at EAM and Domtar for our long-term commitment to providing highly skilled jobs to the area, while also noting that our $60 million investment in the facility is “making a positive impact that’s going to help our community’s quality of life.”

Because Domtar is trusted and innovative, the world’s leading companies depend on us. We are committed not to just delivering quality products, but also doing so while promoting sustainable forestry practices, offering world-class technical services and continuously improving our processes. Whether it’s a new product offering, a technological innovation or an expansion, such as this one to become a nonwovens provider, we are always finding ways to serve our customers, support our employees and strengthen our communities.

*EAM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Domtar.


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