safety culture

Four Ways Sustainability Feeds Domtar’s Safety Culture

…and sustainability. Sustainability isn’t just about protecting our natural resources; it’s also, literally, how we sustain strong performance. A healthy and experienced workforce contributes to economic and environmental sustainability. We…

Mike Wallace on sustainability reporting

Outside Voice: Mike Wallace, the Evolution of Sustainability Reporting

Our Outside Voice series highlights the perspectives of stakeholders and leaders on important sustainability topics, such as sustainability reporting. On the particulars, we may not always agree. But we believe…

sustainability commitment1

Domtar’s Sustainability Commitment Attracts New Talent

…our commitment to responsible sourcing and logistics pay off. Our sustainability commitment is integrated into every corner of our business. Our 2017 Sustainability Report, “Working Smart for the Long Term,”…

Domtar sustainability priority: Verified fiber sourcing

Verified Fiber Sourcing: A Key Part of Our Long-Term Sustainability Agenda

Domtar’s sustainability journey begins in the forest, but our work as an industry leader in sustainable forestry continues with our focus on verified fiber sourcing in our sustainability agenda moving…

sustainability ROI John D. Williams Stern School of Business

Can Sustainability ROI Boost the Bottom Line?

…Stern School of Business event in March. NYU’s Center for Sustainable Business hosted leading academics, investors, corporate sustainability executives and nonprofit leaders to discuss how companies assess sustainability ROI (return…

Hawesville Mill uses technology to improve environmental responsibility

Hawesville Mill Uses Technology, Culture to Advance Sustainability

…processes that drive a culture of ownership and actionable systems that support our values, show environmental stewardship and caring and help us be the best neighbor we can be.” Sustainability

Domtar is committed to boreal forest sustainability

Four Facts About Domtar and Boreal Forest Sustainability

…laws and policies designed to encourage sustainability and to consider the needs of many stakeholders. Canada’s rate of deforestation, which occurs when forestlands are converted permanently to another use, is…

Domtar Paper Matters Podcast promo

The Paper Matters Podcast: Another Way to Tell Our Story

…Earth Week, the Paper Matters podcast is releasing two new episodes featuring sustainability and third-party forestry certifications. Sustainability Buzzwords — Bogus or Benefit? The first episode features Paige Goff, vice…

blockchain technology

Is Blockchain Technology the Next Step in Sustainability?

At Domtar, we continue to lead in environmental sustainability, with our work rooted in responsibility, efficiency and engagement. We were the first forest products company to become FSC-certified in North…

an old growth forest

Domtar Named a Top-50 U.S. Green Company

…president and CEO. “At Domtar, everyone has a role in sustainability. We do not want sustainability to be an annex — we want it to be integrated into our everyday…