should you use e-documents or not?

E-Documents or Paper: Which Should I Choose?

…Yet even as corporations push for paperless communications — often for environmental reasons that have been debunked as little more than paper myths — consumer resistance to e-documents remains high….

paper artwork Bechtler Gala

Pulp and Paper Artwork Impresses Crowd at Museum Gala

…exhibits, such as a paper seat equipped with haptic feedback. Other highlights included paper artwork created by famed paper artist Felix Semper. The gala and its paper artwork exhibit raised…

sustainable water management

Sustainable Water Management: The Heart of Our Pulp and Paper Mills

paper, require more water to produce than everyday copy paper. That’s because specialty papers are generally manufactured using shorter runs with more grade changes. They also have more stringent quality…

International Pulp Week Domtar

Domtar Products Begin with Pulp

…Domtar pulp shows up in much more than paper and diapers. It is used in facial and toilet tissue, paper towel, specialty papers (think bacon board and sandwich wrap), some…

Field Notes production process

From Factory to Field (Notes): Behind the Production Process

…used to produce Field Notes body paper. Cougar® paper from our Rothschild Mill is also used for Field Notes covers. A truck lumbers down Route 219 towards the Johnsonburg Mill,…

Paper Ballots May Boost Confidence in Election

Paper Ballots May Boost Confidence in Election Results

…of computerized voting machines and a paper backup. Voters Believe in Paper Ballots While voters may not necessarily want to return to a strictly pen-and-paper system, they want a physical…

paper sticks for lollipops

Paper Sticks: The Key to Cotton Swabs and Lollipops

paper that goes into making paper sticks for some of the largest cotton swab and lollipop makers in the United States. You can’t twist a swab or lick a lollipop…

proofreading tips

6 Proofreading Tips That Start With Paper

…proofread on paper or on your computer? We asked professionals for their top proofreading tips, and they recommended proofreading on paper. Why? Because proofreading on paper delivers better results. Tom…

high-quality paper control panel

Print Quality Starts With High-Quality Paper

…mills that produce Husky, Lynx and Cougar paper use this test as a predictor of offset printing cleanliness. Share Close Pinterest Linkedin Twitter Facebook The various waxes applied to paper

Domtar Supports Higher Education

Domtar Supports Higher Education, Offers Merit Awards

…pulp and paper industry. … When we talk to students about the paper industry, which some haven’t even considered, and we explain what we can offer in terms of scholarships,…