Rothschild Mill

Rothschild Mill: Delivering Quality Since 1910

…water usage, reduce air and water pollutants and improve pulp quality. “Those are important environmental and safety issues. And we worked hard to make the best hardwood sulfite pulp we…

Open book on tree stump in the forest with a seedling growing from it. As Domtar celebrates 175 years, we reflect on our sustainability story.

Domtar’s Sustainability Story: Another Reason to Celebrate Our Legacy

…adding to our continuing sustainability story. They look for innovations or efficiencies in our work and contribute to communities through our EarthChoice Ambassador programs. Tony Casilio, environmental, health and safety

lessons learned during engineering internships at Domtar

Engineers Share Four Surprising Lessons Learned from Internships

…Mill was the focus on safety. Starting on my first day as an intern, I heard the same message over and over: “Be safe and don’t hesitate to ask for…

Hawesville Mill uses technology to improve environmental responsibility

Hawesville Mill Uses Technology, Culture to Advance Sustainability

…processes to recognize and respond proactively to situations that could impact you and your family,” says Sean Lane, manager for environmental, health and safety at our Hawesville Mill. “We’re creating…

Two male workers in a control room at a pulp mill are looking at a computer screen. The man in the back is standing and pointing something out on the screen to the other man, who is seated. Institutional knowledge is being shared to help each other do their jobs.

New Effort Underway to Capture Institutional Knowledge

…real-life examples of instructions, troubleshooting tips and safety procedures before they even set foot on the production floor.” The site’s employees have been enthusiastic about adopting the software. One recent…

Image of group of men accepting a plaque award from the Keystone Elk Country Alliance in front of elk statue in wooded area. Our Johnsonburg Mill demonstrates our commitment to sustainability by partnering to restore Pennsylvania wildlife habitats.

Supporting Pennsylvania Wildlife Comes Naturally for Johnsonburg Mill

…more valuable to the community, and more enjoyable for nature lovers,” says Tony Casilio, Manager, Environmental, Health & Safety at Domtar. “We’re proud to support tangible efforts to enhance Pennsylvania’s…

Domtar leader discusses our ESG approach

Domtar’s Comprehensive ESG Approach

…These groups focus on putting into practice the improvements that will advance us in each priority area — water, waste, emissions, fiber sourcing, safety, community engagement, and diversity and inclusion….

Celebrating the Kingsport grand reopening - Group of Domtar and local, state, federal dignitaries cutting a blue ribbon in front of finished rolls of containerboard. They are outside.

Celebrating the Kingsport Mill Grand Reopening

…mill surpassed 2.5 million hours without a lost-time incident. The safety streak started when the project began in the fall of 2020. “Throughout the project, we did everything we could…

A business person standing next to copy machine with paper on the scanner and binder in their left hand. The person is typing in how many copies they need. Which industries use the most paper? We’ve rounded up the top five to explore why some industries prefer print.

Five Industries That Still Prefer Print — And Why

…housing, departments of motor vehicles and revenue, public safety, etc. Public administration offices represent 7.6 percent of total print volume. As with other regulated industries, public administration offices usually print…

Trevelyan Hodge's career path from hourly to salary at Domtar

Curiosity, Reliability Pave a Rewarding Career Path

…get along with absolutely everyone. He’s a natural leader who loves to help people reach their goals.” To qualify as shift supervisor, Hodge first served as health and safety coordinator…