curbside recycling tips

The Dos & Don’ts of Modern Curbside Recycling

…for recycling. That change probably hasn’t made it downstream to many curbside recycling programs yet, so be sure to check regularly with your local curbside recycling service to see which…

Pulp and paper products lead the way in recycling. Image: Man holding recycling container filled with recyclable paper products.

Pulp and Paper Products Lead the Way in Recycling

…national recycling system: Improve markets for recycling commodities. Increase collection and improving materials management infrastructure. Reduce contamination in the recycled materials stream. Enhance policies to support recycling. Standardize measurement and…

community recycling access leads more Americans to recycle paper

Community Recycling Programs Now Available to Most Americans

Paper and paper-based packaging remain among the most recycled materials in the United States, and community recycling programs are providing more access to recycling facilities than ever before. A 2021…

Image: Grey recycling bin in office environment, labeled

Domtar Is Committed to Increased Recycling Rates for Paper, Cardboard

…strategic capital projects for Domtar’s packaging business. Increasing Recycling Rates Since 1990 Paper recycling rates have met or exceeded 63% since 2009. Our industry has contributed to these improvements by…

paper recycling rates are high

Paper Recycling Rates Remain High as Bills Target Producer Responsibility

…consistent and high rate for paper recycling.” Paper recycling has limits, but each time it is recycled, it extends the life of fiber from our forests and keeps it out…

holiday recycling tips

Make the Most of Your Gifts with Holiday Recycling

…don’t forget to flatten your boxes before you set them out on your curb for pickup or take them to your local recycling center. Recycling wrapping paper, cards and more…

Image: Group with tractor-trailer open to show old corrugated containers ready for recycling at the Kingsport Mill. Domtar leaders celebrate the mill’s grand re-opening and the company’s corrugated recycling partnership with Food City leaders in May 2023.

Kingsport Mill Reopens, Announces Corrugated Recycling Partnership

Domtar leaders celebrate the Kingsport Mill’s grand re-opening and the company’s corrugated recycling partnership with Food City leaders in May 2023. Photo Credit: Earl Neikirk/Neikirk Image Our Kingsport Mill is…

America Recycles Day man in green shirt with the recycle symbol

America Recycles Day: Join the Call to Reduce Waste and Recycle

Recycling at Domtar goes beyond our paper recycling efforts. Our environmental and sustainability leaders across our manufacturing network are always looking for beneficial reuse opportunities for our products and byproducts,…

Domtar’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Henry joined other forest product industry executives in Washington, D.C. recently for advocacy day events focused on sustainable manufacturing priorities.

Domtar’s Steve Henry Joins AF&PA Advocacy Day in Washington

…have seen chemical recycling bills that would define energy recovery techniques as “recycling.” We support better access to recycling and stronger infrastructure. We want to ensure our successful paper recycling

Industry continues to support Paper and Packaging Board program

Industry Continues Support for Paper and Packaging Board Program

…the Paper and Packaging Board program, a majority (66 percent) of U.S. adult consumers believe that recycling paper is worth it, and 60 percent felt that recycling is easy. “Our…