sustainable water management

Sustainable Water Management: The Heart of Our Pulp and Paper Mills

When people think of paper manufacturing, the first natural resource that comes to mind is probably trees. But water plays an equally important role in our industry. That’s why sustainable…

black pioneers of american literature book collage

Five Black Pioneers of American Literature

American literature is rich with works by Black writers, including 20th century greats Maya Angelou, W.E.B. Du Bois, Zora Neale Hurston and Alex Haley, among many others. But did you…

Sustainable Forestry Principles People Are At The Root of Healthy Forests

People Are At the Root of Healthy Forests

A group of representatives (above) from the Nekoosa and Rothschild mills traveled to Neopit, Wisconsin, in 2014 to tour the Menominee Tribal Enterprises sawmill, manufacturing facilities and forest. The group…

ways to recycle paper in your garden

4 Ways to Use Recycled Paper in Your Garden

An old nursery rhyme asks: How does your garden grow? We’d like to offer a new, sustainable answer: With help from recycled paper in your garden. As amateur and even…

paper crafts create holiday magic

Holiday Magic: How Paper Helps Create Special Memories

Paper and the holidays go together like marshmallows and hot cocoa. From greeting cards and paper crafts to special stories and letters to Santa, much of the holiday magic and…

Domtar Promotes Careers for Women in Manufacturing

Activities surrounding Manufacturing Day will look different this year, but many businesses, employees and communities across North America still plan to highlight the many opportunities of a career in manufacturing….

Paper and Packaging Board Reading Goal 15 pages a day

Looking for a Daily Reading Goal? Try “15 Pages A Day”

What is your daily reading goal? Like drinking eight glasses of water a day or walking 10,000 steps a day, setting a daily reading goal can be a healthy habit….

Q3 2019 Financial Report Newsroom

Domtar Quarterly Review: Q3 2019 Financial Report

Our preliminary Q3 2019 financial report is here. Highlights from this Domtar financial report include: Third-quarter 2019 net earnings of $0.32 per share Announced reduction of 204,000 tons of uncoated…

Kamloops Mill water quality program protects natural resources

Improving and Protecting Water Quality from the Ground Up

Pulp and paper manufacturing requires a lot of water. Fortunately, Domtar pulp and paper mills are located in watersheds with ample water supplies. However, with good fortune comes great responsibility,…

paper freezer pack

The Paper Freezer Pack: A Novel Use for Wood Fiber

Accelerated by recent events, e-commerce sales continue to boom as today’s consumers purchase more of the products they use every day online — from the clothes they wear to the…