Paper and Packaging Board Reading Goal 15 pages a day

Looking for a Daily Reading Goal? Try “15 Pages A Day”

What is your daily reading goal? Like drinking eight glasses of water a day or walking 10,000 steps a day, setting a daily reading goal can be a healthy habit….

vintage postcard collection

Put It on a Postcard: Join Domtar’s Summer Campaign

Looking for a great souvenir from your next vacation destination? Tired of the same old selfies and social media posts as proof of your travels? Consider the humble postcard. It’s…

recycling paper

Making Paper New Again: The Limits of Recycling Paper

Paper is one of the great recycling success stories in the United States. In the 1980s, as the movement toward more conscientious treatment of the Earth and its natural resources…

Faces of Landowners: Randell Ewing Jr. Hartsville South Carolina

The Faces of Forest Landowners: Randell Ewing Jr., Hartsville, South Carolina

Across North America, forests provide important benefits. They protect and improve water and air quality, offer habitat for wildlife and serve as home to a wide range of plant species….

should you use e-documents or not?

E-Documents or Paper: Which Should I Choose?

Consensus remains elusive in the great debate between paper and e-documents for record keeping. Over the past few years, there have been many arguments on both sides of the issue….

Domtar corporate citizenship

Domtar’s Corporate Citizenship Connects Us to Communities

At Domtar, we are not only dedicated to giving back, but to enhancing the lives of people that live and work in our communities. We are proud of our corporate…

Paper Planners Increase in Popularity Despite Digital Advances

Paper Planners More Popular Despite Digital Advances

With the new year comes new appointment books, paper planners, and calendars. But in the digital age, these items still haven’t gone the way of the dinosaur. Studies show that…

consumer prefer paper

Spoiler Alert: Consumers Still Prefer Paper Communications

Advances in technology and increasing environmental awareness are spurring more companies to go paperless with their communications. Whether it’s billing or information sharing, businesses view — and often promote —…

Domtar timeline

Domtar: A History of Agility, Innovation and Caring

Everyone’s story starts somewhere. Ours began in 1848. It’s a 169-year story that includes a real man named Henry Potter Burt and a fictional boy named Harry Potter. It’s a…

Many businesses try to appear sustainable, but is what they're doing greenwashing?

Greenwashing: What Is It, and How Does Domtar Avoid It?

As people across the globe become more aware of environmental issues and healthy living, the desire for green products and services is growing. But with all the various eco labels…