Sustainability approach

Our Approach to Sustainability: Keeping Forests as Forests

…to discuss the changing sustainability landscape for corporations and our sustainability approach, including our pursuit of meaningful sustainability goals, including keeping forests as forests: How has sustainability evolved over the…

Photos of 8 Domtar employees on forest background. Read about their sustainability perspective and what caring for the environment means to them on Newsroom.Domtar.Com.

In Their Words: What does sustainability mean to me?

…own sustainability perspective by answering the question: “What does sustainability mean to me?” “Our natural resources have limitations that must be respected.” “For me, sustainability means being aware that our…

sustainability drives consumer behavior and career choices

Sustainability Drives Consumer Behavior, Career Choices Among Young People

…Sustainable Products Paige Goff, vice president of sustainability at Domtar, knows a lot about generational differences when it comes to sustainability. In fact, she has seen a shift in consumer…

New ad initiative targets young consumers with modern animation

New Initiative to Educate Consumers About Paper and Sustainability

…new sustainability-focused effort to more appealing to young consumers. “As our consumer audience begins to age up, we need to keep reaching out to younger generations with important sustainability messaging,”…

Sustainability at Domtar, Pulp and Paper 2020 Update

Domtar Sustainability for 2020 and Beyond

…in our Domtar sustainability journey. Read more about our commitment to sustainability: Waste-Reduction Initiatives: A Key Part of Sustainability Plymouth Mill Resource Conservation Project Exceeds Expectations Is Blockchain Technology the…

Sustainability partners enrich Domtar's sustainability journey. Photo of handshake with backdrop of trees.

Sustainability Partners Enrich Domtar’s Journey

We are proud of our sustainability story, but we can’t do it alone. Domtar has numerous sustainability partners with whom we share priorities and resources. These partnerships enrich our sustainability

5 Ways to Encourage Sustainability Practices with Vendors

5 Ways to Encourage Sustainability Practices with Vendors

When it comes to sustainability, it’s not enough to commit random acts of greenness. Progressive companies integrate sustainability practices into their everyday business models and throughout their value chains. But…

Creating a culture of sustainability can be good for business

How a Culture of Sustainability Benefits Business

…employees who are passionate about sustainability at home would like to see those same practices valued at work. These are sustainability champions, and they lead by example, adopting the role…


Domtar CEO: Shadow Regulations Pose Challenges to Sustainability

…about our sustainability efforts. Water Efficiency and Cost Reduction Are Signs of Good Water Management Waste-Reduction Initiatives: A Key Part of Sustainability Our Approach to Sustainability: Keeping Forests as Forests…

2019 sustainability report

Domtar’s 2019 Sustainability Report: A Better Future Together

…deliver returns for the long term.” The 2019 Sustainability Report highlights our progress toward our 2020 sustainability goals in three focus areas: responsibility across our supply chain, including sustainable forestry…