Students and seniors spent time writing letters to one another as part of a PaperPal program in Montreal

Montréal PaperPals Meet After Months of Writing Letters

…typing on a keyboard, are better at generating composition ideas. They also experience greater neural activity in the areas associated with reading and writing. Those benefits apply to seniors as…

SEC Rule 30e-3

Domtar Joins Challenge of SEC Rule 30e-3 on Paper Statements

…more internet-savvy, are more often using the internet on a smart device, typically a smartphone. In our filing, we argue that reading and comprehending such detailed and complex information as…

Domtar Forest Porch at Anne Springs Close Greenway

Domtar Forest Porch Opens at Anne Springs Close Greenway

…headquarters. With about 550 employees in the area, we have become heavily invested in the community. Many of our colleagues participate in reading events at local elementary schools, pick up…

ECA Post 2019

EarthChoice Ambassadors: 2019 Year-End Review

…initiated a core recycling program, diverting an estimated 25-plus tons of cardboard from the landfill. Domtar facilities in the United States and Canada held Powerful Pages reading celebrations with our…

Printed Coupons

More Customers Use Printed Coupons

…of time reading the information and to leave them with a better impression. Those favorable numbers about mail have actually jumped over time, even as the number of digital messages…

debora haskel direct mail matters

Why Direct Mail Matters: An Interview With Debora Haskel, IWCO Direct

…are most successful, and mail is high on the list. Q. It’s easy to think print marketing is irrelevant for digital businesses, but clearly direct mail matters. Why? A. Direct…

forestry careers Bonny Skene

Forestry Careers Offer Unique Benefits to Workers

…a huge list of pros and cons of the big city vs. a small town,” says Skene, who at the time was working as an IT consultant in Minneapolis, Minnesota….

Q3 2020 Financial Report

Domtar Quarterly Report: Q3 2020 Financial Report

…for the third quarter of 2020 were $1.1 billion. Excluding items listed on the full press release, the Company had earnings before items of $18 million ($0.33 per share) for…

Mother and daughter looking at a card together

Surprising Paper Trends During the Coronavirus Pandemic

…top 100 print bestseller list featured educational and activity books for kids, establishing the category as one of the year’s hottest paper trends. Dan Reynolds, CEO of Workman Publishing, which…

Bilal Junaidi, a process engineer at Domtar's Dryden Mill, was named to Pulp & Paper Canada's Top 10 Under 40 for 2022.

Dryden Process Engineer Named to Pulp & Paper Canada’s Top 10 Under 40

list of the top 10 Canadian pulp and paper professionals under 40. Junaidi, who works in the mill’s power and recovery department, was recognized for his demonstrated leadership and drive…