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Introducing Xerox Revolution NeverTear Paper

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Xerox Revolution NeverTear synthetic paper

Beyond brochures, books and bills, you can find Domtar’s communication papers in hundreds of everyday products, often in unexpected places and in unexpected ways. One of our unique product lines is Xerox® Revolution NeverTear™, a synthetic product that’s designed to hold up well under the most demanding conditions.

Previously, our market-leading Xerox synthetic product line featured three types of synthetic paper: Premium, Performance and Production. These papers helped professionals in fields ranging from healthcare to military operations print important information on paper that would last.

Recently, Domtar introduced Xerox Revolution NeverTear, which is designed to meet customers’ performance needs, as well as market demand for a lighter, more affordable synthetic paper solution with the quality customers have come to expect from the Xerox brand.

The Xerox Revolution NeverTear Advantage

Products in the Xerox Revolution NeverTear line feature improved image quality and a lighter, softer feel, as well as excellent body and stiffness for durability. As you may have guessed from the name, the products are sturdy and made to be reused, even in challenging circumstances.

Xerox Revolution NeverTear is resistant to water, chemicals and grease, the kinds of things that cause other paper to deteriorate quickly. These qualities are important for restaurant menus, military training documents and healthcare instruction manuals and charts.

“Xerox Revolution NeverTear is a great example of a product that meets customers’ specific needs,” said Domtar Brand Marketing Manager Meredith Collins. “We know our customers use paper in a variety of ways every day, and their needs vary. We’re proud to offer innovative, competitive solutions for them.”

Engineered to work well with digital printing equipment, these products have toner-receptive coatings that ensure print will not flake off. They also have antistatic layers that ensure trouble-free performance. From a sustainability perspective, Xerox Revolution NeverTear is PVC-free and recyclable.

Consider these settings where Xerox Revolution NeverTear is an ideal synthetic paper solution:

  • A hospital in Canada with an in-house print shop uses Xerox Revolution NeverTear to produce a manual for paramedics in the province of Ontario. In the past, staff produced the manual on paper, but they had to replace it frequently due to wear and tear. Using Xerox Revolution NeverTear has dramatically reduced the need for replacements.
  • A plant nursery found that Xerox Revolution NeverTear is perfect for plant stakes and tags. The nursery has invested in printing equipment and can now produce tags and stakes on demand, with variable data if required. This solution has cut time and waste out of the old process.
  • A national pet-supply retailer found that in-store catalogs were losing pages, often when customers tore a page out for reference. By printing the catalogs on Xerox Revolution NeverTear, store employees have found that the catalogs don’t have to be replaced as often.

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