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Wilson’s Business Solutions: Domtar Products Make a Difference

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Wilson’s Business Solutions

Sheila Wilson’s earliest memories of her childhood in Dryden, Ontario, include two constants: her family’s office supply stores and the local pulp and paper mill.

Decades later, Domtar’s Dryden Mill and Wilson’s Business Solutions share a commitment to sustainable forestry, responsible manufacturing, useful paper products and meaningful investments in the community.

“Wilson’s has been in business for almost 80 years,” Sheila Wilson says. “I’m the third generation to work in a business that really takes pride in educating people about the sustainability of paper and its importance to our community. The choices we make about the paper products we use make a difference globally and locally.”

Wilson’s Business Solutions has seven locations in Ontario and Manitoba. It also delivers to fly-in communities to the north that can’t be reached by road. The company sells Domtar paper as its house paper and recommends Domtar paper for use in the printing equipment it sells.

“I appreciate the commitment to sustainability that Domtar has made, and I’m confident in how their paper is manufactured and how the company treats the environment and its employees,” Wilson says. “We are frequently approached by other paper producers from overseas, but we won’t sell it on principle. We’re not willing to compromise our values on sustainability.”

The quality of Domtar paper matters as well. The company recommends it to customers who purchase Ricoh and Sharp business equipment from them.

“We find that Domtar paper runs better in our equipment,” Wilson says. “Other papers can result in fiber buildup. We sell and service many machines across Northwestern Ontario, so we don’t want low-quality paper to compromise our reputation. We recommend and stand behind Domtar paper’s performance.”

Wilson’s Business Solutions and Domtar: Community Partners

The forest products industry helped build this small town, and the mill and related businesses remain the backbone of Dryden.

In addition to its high-quality and sustainably made products, Domtar is known for its role in the community. The Dryden Mill and Wilson’s Business Solutions have contributed to important local causes, such as funding new medical equipment for the hospital, improving local recreation facilities and developing regional education initiatives.

Dianne Loewen, coordinator for forestlands and public affairs at the Dryden Mill, appreciates partnerships that span business and civic life.

“We value the long-term relationships that help our community thrive. I enjoy helping people, especially students, understand more about our industry, and specifically about Domtar,” Loewen says. “The sustainability of our forests and our business are interconnected. We are proud that we manage our forests in northwestern Ontario to meet certification standards of independent, third parties such as the Forest Stewardship Council® or Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. The fact that our facility has been operating in Dryden for over 100 years speaks to our commitment to sustainably managing these forests.”

Wilson adds, “We want to support positive choices for our natural ecosystem — and we feel the same about the local economy and life in this community, which is an ecosystem too. Wilson’s Business Solutions is a positive partner in every possible aspect of life in the North, where our valued customers and team members live and work.”