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What If Paper Could Talk?

Categories: Ideas and Innovation
If Paper Could Talk

Talking plants, animals and objects are common characters in fairy tales, cartoons and fantasy novels. That’s because these characters appeal to the rich imaginations of children and preteens who are the traditional target audiences for this type of entertainment.

So what if paper could talk? What would our versatile and dependable friend have to say, especially as it finds people lured away to spend time with flashier companions, like cell phones and computers?

Domtar’s “If Paper Could Talk” video asks those same questions. In the video, paper is writing a letter in which it recalls great times it has enjoyed with people, from childhood activities, such as throwing paper airplanes and drawing, to memorable moments of young adulthood, like receiving a diploma at a college graduation ceremony.

In this story, paper is familiar and comforting, as it so often is in real life. “If Paper Could Talk” reminds us that paper is always there, and we should never take it for granted.

The video is one of several in Domtar’s Paperbecause campaign, which promotes the many varied and important uses of paper products through a variety of media.