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AF&PA Honors Domtar’s Responsible Forest Management Efforts

responsible forest management

The American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) has recognized Domtar for our efforts to promote sustainable forestry. The 2019 AF&PA Leadership in Sustainability Award for Sustainable Forest Management honors our programs that assist landowners with responsible forest management.

This is the second consecutive year and seventh time since 2012 that AF&PA has lauded our sustainability achievements. We received this year’s award at AF&PA’s annual meeting in Bluffton, South Carolina.

“By bridging the gap between customer demand for certified fiber and limited forest certification in the U.S. South, Domtar is demonstrating leadership and resolve,” says AF&PA President and CEO Heidi Brock.

Tom Howard (middle), Domtar’s vice president of government relations, accepts the AF&PA award on behalf of Domtar, along with Peter Watson (left), AF&PA board chairman, and Heidi Brock (right), AF&PA president and CEO.

Responsible Forest Management Benefits All

Our efforts address certification challenges for small landowners in the Southern United States wood procurement region. It’s part of our strategy to promote responsible forest management and the sustainable forestry principles upon which we’ve built our business.

“We’ve been working in this area for nearly a decade, starting in late 2010 in Ashdown with the inception of the Four States Timberland Owners Association, which aims to make it easier for small landowners to get third-party certified,” says Paige Goff, Domtar’s vice president of sustainability. “These certifications often involve relatively high costs and qualification burdens that can be difficult to justify for a small landowner.”

By covering their costs and providing advice through our knowledgeable foresters, we are substantially lowering barriers to certification and making responsible forest management more practical for landowners. To date, we’ve helped 220 landowners across Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas achieve certification for 628,000 acres of woodland through the Four States Timberland Owners Association.

What’s good for these landowners and for the environment is also good for Domtar. We are establishing crucial relationships with the landowners surrounding our facilities while ensuring a steady supply of certified fiber for our pulp, paper and personal care products.

As a founder and supporter of the Appalachian Woodlands Alliance, we also engage hundreds of small landowners in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia to promote responsible forest management.

Read our 2019 Sustainability Report to learn more about our efforts to collaborate with landowners, customers and certification organizations to ensure sustainable forestry.