Recycled vs. Certified Virgin Paper

Recycled paper vs. certified virgin paper: Which is better? The truth is, both paper types are sustainable choices for your business.

Recycling paper is important, and so is buying recycled paper. But paper fiber can only be recycled five to seven times before it breaks down too much to be reused. As a result, the use of virgin fiber is inevitable in our industry.

In fact, if we were to use only recycled fiber in our products, we would run out of printing paper in just two months.

How can you ensure sustainability when you buy virgin paper? Make sure it bears the FSC label, which certifies that the paper was sourced from sustainably managed forests. Domtar’s EarthChoice product line offers the largest selection of FSC-certified paper, so you can be confident that your paper purchase will help protect our forests for generations.

Watch our video to learn more about recycled vs. certified virgin paper.