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The People Behind Your Paper Products

People behind your paper products

What single factor is most likely to make a company a leader in its industry? The answer, as Domtar sees it, is a highly motivated workforce united by a shared vision of success. These are the people behind your paper products.

But for Domtar’s employees, success is much more than short-term profit. They embrace the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability, customer satisfaction and producing the highest quality products.

In this video, made for the Paper Made Here program, six Domtar employees share their thoughts on the values that make working for Domtar so rewarding.

“Sustainable forestry is the big picture,” said Tom Jacobs, wood procurement manager. “We want to make sure that we’re growing more forests than are being harvested. Sustainability forestry also includes the protection of our wildlife; clean water, air, [and] our soils; and also getting that sustainable forestry product out there.”

Digger Pond, fiber line manager, agreed: “We look after the environment, we make good products, and we leave the area better than when we started,” he said. “Being customer-oriented and making sure that we are linked up with our customers to find out what they need and then doing everything we can to get there is one of our core values.”

These employees are just a few of the thousands of workers within the North American paper industry. Watch this video to learn more about why buying North American paper is the most responsible social, economic and environmental choice.