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PaperPal Connects Generations Through Letter Writing

Kamloops PaperPal

Few forms of communication carry more emotion than a handwritten letter. But there are also hidden benefits to putting pen to paper. Handwriting has been proven to provide many cognitive benefits to the developing minds of children. It’s also a useful brain exercise for aging adults. That’s why Domtar created PaperPal.

PaperPal is a handwritten correspondence program that partners elementary school students with members of a retirement community. It encourages them to write letters to one another. Participants not only benefit from the relationships created through handwritten correspondence, but also from the neurological benefits of putting pen to paper.

It was obvious that strong bonds were created by putting pen to paper. So we thought our PaperPals should finally meet in person. And guess what? Many of them plan to continue writing to each other. This means they’ll continue strengthening their memory and thought processes through handwriting.

Watch the video to find out what happened and to learn more about PaperPal and the benefits of handwriting. You can also find out how your school or retirement community can participate.