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Paper Making 101: Paper Converting and Shipping

paper 101: paper converting

At Domtar, we focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility in every step of our paper-manufacturing process. But we don’t stop there. We believe it’s our responsibility to ensure that paper converting and shipping procedures also follow environmental best practices.

Putting Principles Into Practice

From the mill, Domtar paper is transported to a number of facilities for a variety of end uses. Our regional replenishment centers are strategically located within a day’s drive from 80 percent of the North American population, reducing the need for long-distance shipping.

At Domtar’s converting facilities, copy paper and computer forms are made and packaged for shipment to customers. These facilities continually look for ways to recycle materials, optimize packaging and conserve energy.

EarthChoice: A Better Choice

Domtar doesn’t stop there. We’re driven to deliver the most environmentally responsible products to our end users. With that in mind, we introduced Domtar EarthChoice in 2005. It’s an FSC-certified family of papers for everything from business and publishing to design and printing. EarthChoice offers more products for the widest variety of end users than any other paper line on the market today.

“[Domtar has] really taken a leadership role by dedicating an entire line of papers to become FSC-certified before many other paper companies have taken that leap,” said Keri Hess, sustainable sourcing consultant for the Rainforest Alliance.

“When a company chooses to support EarthChoice products—either by bringing it in for maybe their copy paper use, or their statements, envelopes and annual reports—it really talks about their commitment to environmental responsibility,” said Lewis Fix, vice president of pulp sales for Domtar.

A Sustainable Balance

From the forest to our facilities to our finished paper products, Domtar works to balance economic, environmental and social concerns as they relate to all of our activities, including paper converting and shipping.

Learn more about Domtar’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, our manufacturing and converting facilities, and EarthChoice product line. You can also watch more videos about paper on our YouTube channel.