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New Dr. Seuss Story Printed on Domtar Paper

Dr. Seuss What Pet Should I Get

Dr. Seuss fans enjoyed a delightful surprise last summer, when a new title from the famous children’s author and illustrator, was published by Random House. “What Pet Should I Get?” was the first book from Dr. Seuss, whose real name was Theodore Geisel and who died in 1991, in more than 20 years.

And it’s printed on Domtar paper.

The manuscript and illustrations were discovered by his widow and longtime assistant and carefully reconstructed to yield the new storybook. It includes his famous, silly style of rhyme and familiar characters.

While this is a particularly interesting title, it’s one of hundreds of best-selling titles in which Domtar plays a part.

Publishing papers have long been an integral part of Domtar’s business. These papers bring words and images to life in a variety of publications. The paper offers outstanding clarity in type, illustrations and photography in several weights and finishes.

In addition to “What Pet Should I Get?,” you can find many other books on the shelf printed on Domtar publishing paper, including titles by Stephen King, Walter Isaacson, Malcolm Gladwell and Paula Hawkins.

Illustration by Theodore Geisel