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We Celebrate National STEM Day and Support Students’ Futures

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National STEM Day celebrates science, technology, engineering and math careers

Today we celebrate National STEM Day alongside employers, teachers and students. Events and initiatives across the United States are designed to encourage students to explore STEM careers.

Educating young people in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math — the STEM fields – is key to a thriving manufacturing economy. At Domtar, we’re doing our part to inspire and equip a new generation of scientists and engineers to lead our company and the broader forest products industry.

National STEM Day recognizes the nearly 10.8 million employees working in STEM-related occupations (as of 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau). That number is projected to grow by an additional 10.5 percent by 2030.

Scholarships in STEM fields

One example of our commitment to STEM students is an endowed scholarship at the Paper Science & Engineering Foundation at Ohio’s Miami University.

Colin McEwen received the annual award for 2021.

“The Domtar award signifies the continued support experienced throughout my journey at Miami,” he says. “Domtar has provided me and Miami’s pulp and paper engineering program with confidence in our abilities to grow and learn more about the industry.”

McEwan, a junior, is majoring in chemical engineering major while pursuing a minor in paper engineering and process control.

After receiving the award earlier this year, McEwan wrote to Domtar President and CEO John D. Williams, expressing his thanks for Domtar’s support.

“I chose to be part of Miami’s Paper Science and Engineering Foundation because I knew that my family and friends use many pulp and paper products,” McEwan wrote. “I want to make my impact on the world by providing products that improve the lives of others while also helping the environment.”

Excellence in Education Awards

In addition to supporting students at Miami University, we encourage STEM education among employees’ families.

For more than 20 years, Domtar has awarded Excellence in Education scholarships to children of Domtar employees. Selected students receive a $2,000 scholarship every year until the end of their bachelor studies, for up to four years.

Alicia Paquette is a 2021 recipient. She is pursuing a degree in biotechnology engineering.

“I want to make a difference for the environment, to work on issues such as global warming and pollution,” she says. “This scholarship will help me focus on my studies and get the best education possible.”

Celebrate National STEM Day

How will you celebrate National STEM Day? Start by reading about STEM careers and colleagues at Domtar.