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Domtar is Making Xerox Paper Even Better


In 2013, the Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media line joined the Domtar family of paper products. Today, with updated packaging and several product enhancements, the Xerox Paper brand is stronger than ever.

Our colleagues worked diligently to ensure that the Xerox Paper brand was successfully integrated into our product portfolio and that it maintained the quality people had come to expect from the brand. They also looked for ways to streamline or improve the product line in order to offer customers a wide range of the highest-quality printing options.

Meredith Collins, Xerox Paper brand marketing manager, said the process has been challenging but rewarding.

“We wanted to clearly reestablish the brand to make it a premium line, with products that people buy for better results,” Collins said.

Rethinking the Xerox Paper Brand

The integration process involved redesigning the packaging and enhancing the product line.

“One of the most significant things we’ve done is make the packaging more appealing and easier to understand,” she said. “We chose words carefully, to really speak to the customer in language that conveys quality — words like ‘brighter,’ ‘whiter’ and ‘sturdier.’ Those words are more effective with consumers than industry terms like ‘caliper’ or ‘98 brightness.’”

But it wasn’t all about the words. The Xerox Paper and Specialty Media line was enhanced to offer top quality and the right product mix.

“By streamlining the product line, we are now able to focus on the products that are in the greatest demand,” Collins said. “It will be easier for our sales team to identify customer needs and offer the most effective solutions.”

Three Quality Xerox Paper Lines

Domtar is the primary manufacturer of the Xerox Vitality™ Office Papers line, which many businesses and offices use for everyday copy paper. The brand is sold in various stores, including Staples and CVS, as well as online in the United States and Canada.

Another line of quality Xerox Paper that Domtar manufactures is the Xerox Bold™ Professional Office and Digital Printing Papers line. Designed to help customers make a good impression, the line is engineered and optimized for printing, resulting in crisp text, vivid colors and outstanding images.

Xerox Revolution™ Specialty Media is a line of specialized papers, films and materials that allow customers to create printable and customizable business-building tools. Although the majority of the Xerox Revolution products are manufactured by our partners, Domtar fiber is often used in the construction of these specialty products.

The production of our Xerox Paper and Specialty Media line involves nearly every part of our Pulp and Paper division. Several Domtar paper mills manufacture paper in the Xerox line: Ashdown, Windsor and Kingsport mills produce Vitality grades; Johnsonburg and Rothschild mills make Bold grades; and Hawesville and Nekoosa manufacture Pastels. The majority of our converting facilities are qualified to convert Xerox-branded paper.

“It’s neat to see how many people touch the products,” Collins said. “In the past few years, across the division, we’ve been proud to take a good product line and make it better.”