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Keep Your Forests and Have Your FSC-Certified Paper, Too

keep your forests and fsc-certified paper

Despite the many advancements in digital technology over the past few decades, paper is still in high demand. Meeting that demand while protecting the world’s forests is what most paper companies strive to do. FSC-certified paper can help.

Domtar encourages its landowners, like Donna Janssen, to certify their land through a recognized third-party organization like the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), which will ensure the land is sustainably managed and economically viable for generations to come.

Products produced from FSC-certified forests carry the FSC label. Choosing such products, like Domtar’s EarthChoice Product Line, can help you get the paper you need while ensuring that the land it came from is responsibly managed.

Domtar has partnered with Staples on several programs that help educate and empower landowners to become FSC certified in an effort to increase the number of FSC-certified sources. To date, Domtar has enlisted 93 landowners and certified more than 115,000 acres of U.S. forestland.

The two companies recently shared their thoughts on FSC certification and sustainable forestry principles with GreenBiz.