Inspirational Letters Spread Hope in a New Writing Campaign

The power of paper shines in Letters of Peace, the Paper and Packaging Board’s new holiday campaign.

In times of despair, the people who have been affected by violence and tragedy often have the greatest faith in humanity. The Letters of Peace campaign shares inspirational letters from people who have experienced significant tragedy and transformed their pain into purpose.

By creating a platform for people to share their positive perspectives and peaceful notes, the Paper and Packaging Board hopes to share two core messages: that paper is a medium uniquely suited to help those who have experienced trauma, and that it’s OK to consume more paper — especially for writing as a means of self-expression.

One of the featured inspirational letters is from Jodee Blaco, a survivor of bullying and an author and speaker on the subject.

“I work with wounded kids,” she says, “and the first question is always, ‘How do I get past this pain, how do I deal with this pain?’ And I tell them, ‘Write.’”

Jeremy Nobel, president and founder of the Foundation of Art and Healing, explains why writing is so therapeutic.

“There are many ways writing can help in getting over a difficult situation or a loss,” he says. “People go back to that experience and explore it and somehow get relief from the simple act of telling their story to another person. Even though the act of writing is somewhat solitary, you are with the reader.”

The campaign draws attention to positive messages during the holiday season and converts that interest into engagement through powerful, inspirational letters of hope and peace.

Inspirational Letters of Peace Campaign Generates National Interest

Three of the five handwritten inspirational letters featured in the campaign were advertised in The Wall Street Journal in November; they’ll appear again on Dec. 13. Print ads also appear in the November and December issues of ESPN the Magazine, Forbes, Delta Sky, Outside, Runner’s World, People, Real Simple, Us Weekly, Family Fun and Parents.

The Paper and Packaging Board invites you to participate in Letters of Peace by writing your own inspirational letter and sharing it on social media. Simply handwrite an inspirational letter, take a picture of it, upload it to your personal account and use the #Lettersofpeace and #iampaperandpackaging hashtags to join the conversation.

With strong support from Domtar and more than 50 other companies, the Paper & Packaging Board is working to slow the decline of the use of paper and to increase demand for paper-based packaging. Letters of Peace is the latest segment of the How Life Unfolds campaign that appeared in print, on television and online late last year.

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