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How Life Unfolds: Benefits of Paper in Our Daily Lives

Categories: Industry Insights
How Life Unfolds Benefits of Paper

It keeps your grocery list handy and your coffee warm. It records first impressions and lasting commitments. It’s How Life Unfolds.

Paper. It’s part of our ordinary days and our most extraordinary moments, capturing memories, authenticating details, packaging gifts and much more.

And now, through the Paper & Packaging — How Life Unfolds™ consumer campaign, millions of Americans are reminded of the warmth and creativity that paper and paper-based packaging has to offer.

The campaign’s website includes content about how paper helps us stay connected, helps us learn, offers creative solutions to everyday problems and makes important contributions to a more sustainable future. There are DIY projects, answers to frequently asked questions, facts about paper and tips for recycling. Don’t miss out on this unique resource, which can show you the many ways paper benefits our daily lives.