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Customer Representatives at HDIS Offer Incontinence Solutions

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Incontinence can be an uncomfortable subject. If you’re like most people, you’d probably rather not talk about it. In fact, many people who live with incontinence — either their own or a loved one’s — are even too embarrassed to talk about it with their doctor. This can lead to social isolation and negatively impact the quality of life of those who need incontinence solutions.

For help, people who suffer from incontinence can turn to the customer care representatives at Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies (HDIS), part of Domtar’s Personal Care division. HDIS is a trusted direct-to-consumer marketer and distributor of adult incontinence products, making more than a million deliveries across the United States every year. HDIS sells a wide range of absorbent hygiene products, including Domtar’s Attends®and Reassure® brands, and their highly trained customer care representatives speak directly with consumers to help them choose the incontinence solutions that best meet their needs.

The HDIS Difference: Incontinence Solutions with Care

In order to make consumers’ lives fuller and easier, HDIS has created a unique customer experience that begins with the customer care representatives, or Care Reps, who help give people the dignity and confidence to do the things they enjoy. Success at HDIS isn’t measured in talk times or number of calls per hour; instead, success is built around converting leads to lifelong customers.

“I have a customer who has not been to church for three years because [of] her issue. So I got her the product that she needed. I got her back in church,” says Deteese Rose, HDIS Care Rep. “The fact that I am able to get our customers back into doing the things they love … that’s very, very important.”

A first-time call can sometimes lead to a 15-minute conversation. Customers discuss their incontinence challenges while the Care Rep listens and counsels, guiding customers to the incontinence solutions that will best suit their personal needs. Often, the Care Rep will follow up in a couple of weeks to make sure that the product is indeed offering the security the customer was looking for.

Training to be a Care Rep can be intense, and previous experience as a call center agent is not necessarily needed or helpful. Instead, a person must be genuine and empathetic. Most of the training is spent learning how to counsel customers and navigate calls.

“Our training includes the basics like understanding the computer system and products. But more important is the amount of time we spend on the customer’s experience itself,” says Jennifer Hendricks, vice president of human resources at HDIS. “Before a trainee even speaks with a customer, he or she shadows a seasoned Care Rep just to hear how our customers deal with incontinence day to day. We encourage people to walk in a customer’s shoes, so to speak. We want them to wear the products and check out the incontinence aisles in the stores or shop online. We want them to see what a customer goes through and try to make it better and less stressful.”



HDIS team members take pride in the relationships they build with their customers. The bulletin boards in the office are filled with thank-you cards and letters from across the country. Sometimes, customers call back to share their feedback directly with the representative who helped them.

One customer wrote, “Keep up the good work and friendly work. It is great to have people like you to talk to when something is needed, and I’m not faced with a cashier that rushes me or is short-tempered.”

Another said, “There is no other company like HDIS with their customer service and the excellent way they help you in choosing the right product for your needs. They have everything a person could need to choose from. The thing I love most about all the people there is their beautiful smiles in the catalog picture. The prices are reasonable, and their products are really good quality.”