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Employee Engagement Makes Domtar a Great Place to Work

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At Domtar, we value our employees and want them to enjoy their work. It’s why we invest in measuring employee engagement and satisfaction and use employee feedback to improve how we do business.

That work paid off recently when we received Great Place to Work Certification. The certification is the result of a confidential survey of U.S. employees in our Pulp & Paper division and corporate offices, as well as analysis of our employee engagement programs and policies. Great Place to Work evaluated the results and compared Domtar with some of the best employee-ranked companies around the world.

The survey showed that 76 percent of employees think Domtar is a great place to work, and 83 percent feel proud to work here. Many respondents said they feel good about how we invest in the communities where we operate. We can use these survey results to inform future employee engagement and recruitment efforts.

We are also proud to be named as one of Canada’s Best Employers in 2019 by Forbes, based on the results of an anonymous survey conducted by market research company Statista. Domtar ranked 151 out of 300 companies across 25 industries, indicating that we are well-regarded by workers in Canada.

“While this recognition is validating, we are committed to learning more about our employee engagement,” says Sarah Waltman, senior director of talent management. “Domtar employs close to 10,000 people across dozens of manufacturing facilities and offices in several countries. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have their voice heard.”

For that reason, we conduct companywide surveys asking employees to share what they think about different aspects of working at Domtar, including communication, pay and safety. We use a third party to administer these surveys in English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish, and consolidate the results so that management doesn’t view individual responses.

The 2019 Domtar employee engagement survey has just come to a close. Based on the results, we’ll work with employees across the company to create action plans to address shortcomings and build on strengths.

“Great workplaces don’t just happen; they’re built with intention and collaboration,” says Lisa Yankie, vice president of human resources. “We’re looking forward to making this an even better place to work.”