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Domtar’s 2016 Sustainability Update

Domtar's 2016 Sustainability Update

At Domtar, sustainability is part of our DNA. It influences every decision we make and everything we do. We are continuously monitoring our progress against annual and long-term sustainability goals to ensure we meet or exceed industry standards. We also want to do what’s right for our customers, our employees and the communities in which we live and work.

In August, we published our 2016 Sustainability Update to share what we accomplished in 2015 toward pursuing our long-term sustainability goals. Here are some highlights.


Domtar is committed to reducing total direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions from purchased energy at our pulp and paper mills. Our goal was to reach a 15 percent reduction from 2010 levels by 2020. We achieved that goal five years early in 2015. In addition, Domtar’s greenhouse gas emissions per metric ton of pulp and paper products are less than half that of producers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Another long-term goal is to reduce the total waste sent to landfills from pulp and paper mills by 40 percent from 2013 levels by 2020. We made significant progress toward this goal in 2015, achieving a 24 percent reduction in landfill waste. In addition, we’ve increased the share of reusable manufacturing byproducts at our pulp and paper mills and personal care facilities.

Domtar is also working to measure and more strategically manage water usage. Since 2010, we have reduced total water use in our pulp and paper mills by 5 percent. In 2016, we will be conducting a pilot project at two mills to determine the appropriate cost elements, flows and methods to model to better manage water usage.


We believe in the long-term environmental benefits of renewable energy sources. In 2015, we exceeded the industry average by receiving 75 percent of the energy used in our pulp and paper mills from renewable sources.

Domtar pulp and paper mills also self-generated 73 percent of the electricity they used in 2015, positioning Domtar as a leader in this area. The industry average is 59 percent.