Domtar Sustainability Goals: Journey to 2020

Domtar has been a longtime leader in sustainability in the forest products industry because we are committed to incorporating sustainability throughout our supply chain — from forest management and raw material procurement to manufacturing processes and how we work. We’ve made great progress on the Domtar sustainability goals we set for the year 2020.

In our award-winning 2017 Sustainability Report, we highlighted our progress on our 2020 sustainability goals. Now, we are pleased to report in our 2018 Sustainability Update that we have met or exceeded half of those goals.

Our exciting progress on this sustainability journey reinforces our commitment to finding solutions in a world facing a variety of environmental and social challenges.

Here are some key accomplishments toward our sustainability goals for 2020:

  • We’ve reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 18% since 2010, surpassing our goal of 15% by 2020. This represents a reduction in total direct and indirect GHG emissions from purchased energy at pulp and paper mills. Fuel switching of six power boilers from coal to natural gas over the past few years provided the majority of reductions.

  • We completed a water-cost model for our pulp and paper mills well ahead of our 2020 schedule. A water-cost model helps our pulp and paper mills measure and more strategically manage the full cost of using water. We built the model after conducting pilot studies at five mills over the past two years, which allowed us to account for site-specific water conditions. We plan to begin operationalizing the full cost of water into our business decisions and conducting additional water-cost assessments at other mills in 2018.

  • We increased the level of Forest Stewardship Council®-certified fiber procured for Domtar pulp and paper mills to 22% of total fiber use, exceeding our 2020 goal of 20%. We remain committed to lowering the technical and financial hurdles to increasing forest certification in our wood procurement regions.

  • We reduced our recordable safety incident rate to 0.78, our best year on record and a 55% reduction since 2008. We are working toward achieving our 2020 goal of reducing our recordable safety incident rate to 0.50 by increasing focus and efforts on injury prevention and the elimination of noncore, high-hazard tasks where possible.

  • We have expanded our EarthChoice Ambassador (ECA) program to 76% of company facilities. As of 2018, we have established ECA teams in 26 locations across four countries, bringing us closer to our goal of having 100% of our facilities participating in our ECA program by 2020.

  • We reduced total waste sent to landfills from pulp and paper mills by 36% since 2013, approaching the 2020 goal of 40% reduction. Our source reduction initiatives and new or expanded beneficial use programs have contributed to our progress on this goal.

Domtar Sustainability Goals: A Look at How We Work

At Domtar, sustainability is an endeavor that extends beyond environmental stewardship alone. We aspire to reduce risks, enhance brand reputation, drive business success and grow shareholder value. We are excited about the progress we’ve made toward many Domtar sustainability goals, but we know there is always more that we can and should be doing.

Take “A Closer Look at Sustainability” at Domtar by watching this video.

You can also read our 2018 Sustainability Update for a more detailed look at our progress toward our 2020 Domtar sustainability goals.


Even kids like me know that sustainability is super important. But understanding everything that goes into it can be really confusing!

That’s why at Domtar we’re making sustainability simple by taking a closer look at the areas that our company is working hard to do well in.

It all starts with our people. Domtar has the most amazing employees out there who really care about making the company the best it can be.

That is why we set a goal to create EarthChoice Ambassador teams in every one of our facilities by 2020, and today we’ve reached in 76% towards that goal.

Domtar employees have also volunteered 8,000 hours at company-sponsored events, and have contributed $2.8 million to some amazing organizations that support our local communities.

And over the last ten years we’ve improved safety in our facilities by reducing incidents by 55 percent, which is pretty awesome!

Everyone needs a little help to be the best they can be. That’s why Domtar puts so much value in our relationships with the top environmental Non-Governmental Organizations or N-G-O’s.

And we are super-duper proud that we have increased our percentage of Forest Stewardship Council certified fiber to 22%, already beating our goal of 20% by 2020.

Like most things in the world, making pulp and paper products requires a lot of resources! So we try and make sure we use ours as efficiently as possible.

That means setting big goals to always decrease the use of things like water, waste and greenhouse gas emissions from our operations.

For water, we’ve reduced usage by 4% in the last four years, and are in the process of developing a smarter way to measure and manage our water use.

For waste, we’ve reduced our waste to landfill by 36% since 2013 with a goal of getting to 40% by 2020.

And for greenhouse gas emissions, we’ve already beat our 15% reduction goal by 2020 and got to 18% nearly three years early!

We’re all pumped up from the progress we’ve made toward many of these goals! But we know there’s always more that we can and should do.

That’s why we’re ready to keep improving and set even bigger sustainability goals to meet in years to come, knowing these efforts are making our business stronger for the future.

We invite YOU to take a closer look at Domtar’s sustainability story by visiting our website. And remember, sustainability is a journey, not a destination!


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