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Domtar Personal Care Division: What We Make

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Domtar Personal Care

Domtar creates products that improve the quality of life for millions of people worldwide, from copy paper and specialty papers to diapers and other hygiene products. Indeed, for many consumers, the Domtar Personal Care products and brands that we supply to the personal hygiene market are life-changing.

The Domtar Personal Care division designs and manufactures high-quality branded and partner-branded briefs, protective underwear, underpads, pads, washcloths, baby diapers and training pants. Our own recognized brands in this segment include Attends® and Indasec®. We also sell a complete range of related absorbency and hygiene products, including Butterfly® body liners.

As with everything we make, Domtar Personal Care products are designed with consumers in mind. Our products are highly engineered and built on research. Innovation drives our ability to create, test and refine high-quality, cost-effective products, whether it’s conducting market research, developing new materials or designing new processes.

In addition, our Engineered Absorbent Materials manufacturing facility specializes in designing more absorbent cores that are thinner and more comfortable to wear than competing products.

You can find out about our products by visiting our brands’ websites:

Attends (adult incontinence — North America)

Attends (adult incontinence — Europe)

Home Delivery Incontinence Supply — HDIS (direct-to-consumer adult incontinence)

Indas (adult incontinence and baby diapers — Europe)

My Comfees® (baby diapers, training pants and youth pants)

Engineered Absorbent Materials (EAM)

We’re proud of what we do, and we know that it’s important work. Find out more in this brief video about the Domtar Personal Care division. This is the second installment in a series of three videos about our Personal Care division. Watch the first video to learn more about Who We Are.

At Domtar Personal Care, we champion health, dignity and comfort for all. Our products improve the quality of life for millions of people every day.

We are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of absorbent hygiene solutions.

We put our hearts and minds into researching, designing and making high-quality, innovative products for adults and children. We make protective underwear, underpads, pads, washcloths, baby diapers, training pants and youth pants.

We also sell related absorbency and hygiene products, including body patches and wipes. Our own brands include Attends, Indasec, Reassure®, Comfees and Butterfly. Plus, we make unique partner brands for major retailers.

You can find our products online, in pharmacies and stores, and through healthcare services.

And because we are experts in engineering ultra-absorbent materials, product designers around the world incorporate our high-performance, ultra-slim cores into a wide range of end uses, including feminine hygiene, medical supplies and food packaging.

We know that consumers’ needs are diverse. We strive to meet those needs with effective, affordable and available solutions. Because we believe everyone deserves Personal Care.