Domtar Gives Back in 2017: Comfort and Care Year-In-Review

Imagine knowing that the next time you need to change your baby’s diaper, you won’t have the supplies you need. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many families living in low-income households. Domtar’s Comfort and Care Diaper Assistance Program helps alleviate the financial and emotional burden on families who can’t afford diapers for their children or their aging parents and grandparents.

Diaper poverty affects approximately 5.58 million children in the United States, as well as low-income adults who suffer incontinence. Parents can experience emotional trauma when they can’t change their children’s dirty diapers and report feeling guilty, stressed and helpless. Many of these issues also affect adults who don’t have an adequate supply of incontinence supplies.

Domtar Comfort and Care Diaper Assistance Program

We developed the Comfort and Care Diaper Assistance Program to help address diaper poverty. So far this year, the program has provided 715,000 diapers to families during disaster recovery and more than 1 million diapers to organizations, such as the Diaper Bank of North Carolina, that provide resources for underserved families in North America.

During this year’s hurricane season, Domtar partnered with Good 360, a global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, to provide personal hygiene items to families recovering from disasters. Together, we were able to provide diapers to the victims of Hurricane Matthew in North Carolina and South Carolina and Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

We also partnered with First Book, a nonprofit educational organization, to help distribute baby care packages. Employees from our Personal Care facilities in Waco, Texas; Greenville, North Carolina; and Delaware, Ohio, volunteered their time to help fill thousands of boxes with diapers and children’s books for families in need.

“The Comfort and Care program is easily one of the programs I’m most proud of at Domtar,” said Heather Stowe, corporate social responsibility manager. “We feel strongly that if Domtar can help in this capacity, then it is the right thing to do.”

Brad Goodwin, president of Domtar Personal Care North America, agrees. “We believe that everyone deserves personal care,” he said. “With these continued donations and care packages, we will be able to help those families who need it most.”

Domtar’s Comfort and Care program works alongside our Powerful Pages program under our corporate social responsibility initiatives. The Powerful Pages program promotes education and emphasizes literacy through donations of books, school supplies and other items to help equip students for learning.

To learn more about Domtar’s Powerful Pages program and our Comfort and Care Diaper Assistance Program, watch our video Domtar Gives Back.

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