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Domtar: More Than a Fiber Company

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fiber company tapestry

We’re a fiber company, and in our industry, the word fiber refers to the plant materials that are woven together to make paper. But it can also refer to the essential structure or character of person, place or thing.

This video explores both meanings of the word with its portrayal of Domtar as a fiber company and a company of fiber. The concept is beautifully illustrated by an artist working in his studio. He selects a piece of paper and starts cutting out a design.

“They become sheets of possibility,” the narrator says of paper, “a home to ideas, the stuff of art and commerce.” The future promise that a blank sheet of paper holds in the hands of an artist also represents the endless possibilities for Domtar’s future.

The company’s strength lies in the way it weaves its people together for a common purpose, supporting local communities and caring for the planet in the process. Domtar begins with fiber, but it doesn’t end there. Our values run through every choice we make, every product we sell and everything we do.

At the end of the video, the artist finishes his work and the camera pulls away so that the entire work of art is visible. What does it look like? How does it embody Domtar’s past, present and future? Watch the video to find out.