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Domtar Everyday: Our Products Are Part of Everyday Life


From mail and tissues to baby diapers and vanilla flavoring, you can find our products in almost every part of everyday life.

Although historically we’re known for making paper, we actually make so much more. Who is Domtar and how do our products enhance everyday life?

Our One Essential Resource

All of our products come from one essential resource: trees. By unlocking the potential that grows in our forests, Domtar has built a 170-year legacy based on agility, caring and innovation.

Domtar products — paper, pulp, absorbent hygiene items and biomaterials — can be found nearly everywhere, and they make a real difference in everyday life.

“One of my favorite things to tell people when they ask me what I do is to explain that they probably interact with my company’s products multiple times a day and don’t even know it,” says Kathy Wholley, Domtar’s senior director of corporate communications. “That’s what is so great about our products. They are so embedded in our daily routines that we don’t even think about how important they really are.”

Pulp Products

Domtar is one of the world’s largest producers of pulp. We offer many different pulp grades and serve customers in more than 40 countries. Our pulp is the foundation of our business and we transform it into everyday items, such as communication and specialty papers, absorbent hygiene products, bathroom and facial tissue, paper towels, napkins and more.

Paper Products

Using our sustainably sourced wood pulp, we manufacture a wide variety of communication papers for printing, publishing and converting applications, including well-known brands such as Cougar®, Lynx®, Husky®, EarthChoice® and Xerox®. Our paper is often used to create other products, such as envelopes, notebooks, books, sticky notes, direct mail pieces, catalogs and magazines.

We also produce a wide range of specialty papers for industrial, medical and food packaging applications. Domtar’s specialty paper shows up in sandpaper, medical supplies, food packaging, sugar packets, paper sticks and more.

Personal Care Products

Our Personal Care division designs and manufactures high-quality branded and partner-branded briefs, protective underwear, underpads, pads, washcloths, baby diapers and training pants.

Our own recognized brands in this segment include Attends® and Indasec®. We also sell a complete range of related absorbency and hygiene products, including Butterfly® body liners.

You can find out more about our Personal Care products by visiting our brands’ websites:


Domtar continues to lead developments in biomaterials science using the distinct properties of trees to offer renewable alternatives to fossil fuel–based products.

One natural pulp-making byproduct that has tremendous potential is lignin, which is the natural glue that holds wood fibers together. For years, our mills have used lignin as an energy source for our operations. Today, our BioChoice™ lignin is used in a wide range of industrial applications, including the making of adhesives, carbon fiber, coatings, dispersants, fuels and fuel additives, natural binders, dyes and resins.

Other byproducts of the pulp-making process include turpentine and soap. These and other extractives are sold to refiners and manufacturers for use in lubricants, adhesives, flavorings and more.

I Spy a Domtar Product

Now that you know the wide range of products Domtar makes to enhance everyday life, how many can you find? Watch the GIF below to see if you can find them all.