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Domtar Celebrates American Recycling

domtar celebrates american recycling

As part of our EarthChoice commitment to responsible business, Domtar encourages recycling every day of the year. But there’s only one nationally recognized day set aside to promote and celebrate American recycling. Each year on Nov. 15, America Recycles Day educates Americans on and promotes greater awareness of the benefits of recycling in their communities.

About America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day, a national initiative of Keep America Beautiful, is dedicated to helping event organizers educate neighbors, friends and colleagues about recycling. Keep America Beautiful offers guides, tools, templates and tips to make it easier to organize America Recycles Day events. Organizers can also get information about planning recycling events, organizing rallies, hosting activities at work or in the community, or raising recycling awareness at schools and universities, and people can visit the organization’s website to take recycling pledges and find American recycling resources in their local area.

This year, more than 2,100 events have been registered to take place on or around Nov. 15.

How Domtar Helps Promote American Recycling

Domtar ardently supports recycling awareness. We have collaborated with Recyclebank since 2012 to educate the site’s more than 4 million members about responsible paper production, usage and recycling. Recyclebank partners with cities, brands and individuals in the effort to build a waste-free future. Domtar and Recyclebank share the core belief that informed and inspired consumers make more sustainable choices.

“For nearly five years, Domtar has partnered with us to help change how people view their role in creating a more sustainable future,” said Javier Flaim, CEO of Recyclebank. “Increasing the paper-recycling rate requires participation from everyone, and it’s encouraging when environmentally conscious brands help us in our effort to realize a world in which nothing is wasted.”

Recyclebank incentivizes positive behavior and active learning through engaging interactive content and rewards. By providing games, infographics, videos, pledges and more, Recyclebank encourages members to take green actions like recycling paper in exchange for points. Members can redeem points for discounts and deals from major brands and local businesses.

Domtar sponsors an EarthChoice content collection on Recyclebank that covers a host of topics related to paper recycling, such as the significance of a single tree and the limits of recycled paper. In fact, so far this year, Domtar’s collection has been visited nearly 700,000 times, earning Recyclebank members nearly 9 million points.

Together, Domtar and Recyclebank promote American recycling by encouraging millions of consumers to lead more sustainable lives with everyday green actions.

“Domtar is committed to increasing responsibility throughout the fiber lifecycle — a process that includes the actions our customers make beyond the purchase of our products,” said Paige Goff, vice president of sustainability and business communications at Domtar. “Through engaging content, we are thrilled to work with Recyclebank to provide consumers with tangible steps they can take to help keep paper out of landfills.”

Celebrate American recycling Nov. 15 — and every other day. Learn more about small ways you can become greener in your daily routine. Find an America Recycles Day event near you.