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Domtar Baby Diapers: Kid Worn, Parent Approved

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Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed a little bundle of joy into your growing family. Now what?

Becoming a new parent is one of the biggest events someone can experience, but with the excitement comes self-doubt and worry. Ask any parent, and he or she will tell you the learning curve is endless, but the experience is priceless.

Ultimately, every parent asks: Am I making the best decisions for my child?

With so many product reviews, advertisements, opinions and pieces of advice, it can be difficult to know what to do. At Domtar, we might not all agree on what stroller to buy or which nap schedule is best, but one thing we can agree on is Domtar baby diapers.

We believe everyone deserves personal care. That’s why we’re dedicated to researching, designing and manufacturing high-quality absorbent hygiene products for babies and children. We produce our own brand of Domtar baby diapers, as well as partner brands for major retailers.

We are proud of the diapers we make, and we’re glad to have our children wear them. Here are a few employees who’ve found the right diaper fit with Domtar baby diapers:

Domtar Babies Wear Domtar Baby Diapers

Ofek Devinney, who works in our Domtar Personal Care division as senior manager of Global Baby Category Marketing, has two children: Yulie, 3, and Geffen, 1. “I was hired by Domtar Personal Care more than three years ago when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my daughter — perfect timing to be hired by a company that makes diapers,” says Devinney.

She prides herself on personally testing almost every diaper configuration that Personal Care creates. “I use the brands we manufacture every day on my own kids. I really like seeing what our diapers are capable of in real life. From Comfees™ to our partner label brands, they all offer fantastic leakage protection and soft materials for comfort, and they are designed with care by our team. My absolute favorite feature is the wrap material on our Comfees brand, also known as Accordion-Stretch™ wrap. No one else has this in the market, and it is such an innovative way to fasten the diaper gently around my babies.”

Parents face a lot of choices, including which diaper brand to use. At Domtar, our colleagues have tried them all, and for their children, they prefer Domtar baby diapers over the competition. Find out why.

Domtar Personal Care Business Analyst Manager Daniel Meehan’s son, Ty, 2, stays dry in Domtar baby diapers.[/caption]

Christopher Wachter, a senior manager in finance and planning for Domtar Personal Care, decided to use Comfees diapers on his two sons, Jaxon, 3, and Lincoln, 7 months. “The Comfees diapers work just as well as both the major competitor brands, and they are less expensive,” says Wachter. “Our toddler has always been extremely active, so it is imperative that he wears a diaper that doesn’t leak or tear. Even with all his running, jumping and somersaults, we’ve never had a quality issue with Comfees. The absorbency, fit and softness of these diapers are what make them stand out from the rest, and those qualities translate to less leaking and better skin health for both our boys.”

Domtar Personal Care Finance & Planning Senior Marketing Manager Christopher Wachter’s children, Jaxon, 3, and Lincoln, 7 months, wear Comfees diapers.[/caption]

Brittany Gilmore, Domtar executive administrative assistant, has two daughters, Cayden, 14, and Camden, 5 months, “For Camden, we were given a lot of competitor diapers as gifts, but we have grown to love our partner-label diapers. They tend to be softer and more flexible, and there isn’t a strong scent like with other brands.”