Tom Howard, Domtar’s vice president of government relations, is a dedicated volunteer whose love of country and his fellow man drives him to give back. Learn about his projects and his advocacy on behalf of Domtar.

Anne Springs Close, philanthropist, cares deeply about preserving land for future generations. Her family created the 2,100-acre Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Learn more about what motivates Close to promote outdoor recreation.

Domtar’s John Stephens makes Southern Bang BBQ Sauce to raise funds for Hope Connection International, which helps victims of domestic violence. He also serves on the Hope Connection board. Find out why he’s passionate about making a difference.

Venezuela, once the wealthiest country in Latin America, has experienced a devastating economic collapse, leaving citizens with limited access to basics like food and medicine. Domtar’s Felimar Figueroa founded Amie La Fondation Des Immigrants to help provide these items to Venezuelans.