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Conservation Camp Celebrates Sustainable Forestry

conservation camp

When Bonny Skene attended Conservation Camp in 10th grade, she wasn’t looking for a career in forestry. “My parents always encouraged me to try new and different things, and Conservation Camp was definitely new and different,” she says. “I didn’t know much about forestry, although I grew up in a forest in Dryden, Ontario. But I attended the camp, and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot.”

Bonny Skene, now a Domtar employee at the Dryden Mill, attended Conservation Camp as a student.

Several years and two degrees later, the experience came full circle when Skene, now Domtar’s regional public affairs manager in Canada, started working at the Dryden Mill as an IT manager in 1996. “You just never know where an opportunity will lead you,” she says. “I wasn’t a kid who dreamed of being a forester or working in the industry. But the experience was helpful when I ended up in a forestry industry career.”