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ClassVroom Central: Delivering School Supplies to Teachers’ Doorsteps

Categories: Giving Back
ClassVroom Central

Last-mile delivery — that is, delivering products to their final destination, wherever it may be — presents challenges to some of the biggest businesses in the world. It’s also a challenge for Classroom Central, one of Domtar’s partners in providing school supplies to students in need. The solution? ClassVroom Central, a Mobile Free Store that delivers essential items to high-poverty schools that are geographically far flung from the warehouse.

Classroom Central, a nonprofit organization in Charlotte, North Carolina, saw that teachers who were eligible for free supplies were having a hard time getting to the distribution facility to pick them up. With help from Domtar and other sponsors, Classroom Central developed ClassVroom Central to deliver free school supplies directly to teachers so they can access this valuable resource. The project is a perfect fit for Domtar’s Powerful Pages program.