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Can You Picture a World Without Paper?

Can You Picture a World Without Paper

Think of all the ways you and your family use paper and other forest products on a daily basis.

  • Letting your imagination run wild on arts and craft projects with the kids
  • Buying lottery tickets for a chance to win the jackpot
  • Writing reminders at work so you don’t miss meetings and important deadlines
  • Using a paper bag to carry your takeout meal when you need a quick lunch
  • Reading books, magazines and newspapers at the local library
  • Storing fragile foods such as eggs, cereal and crackers
  • Enjoying the benefits of sustainable forestry

Now picture a world without paper. What if you didn’t have the thousands of paper and tree based products you use every single day for personal care, food preparation, business, education, entertainment, scheduling and more?

Not pretty, right? We didn’t think so, which is why we developed this video.

But there’s good news. By purchasing paper products responsibly, using them completely and recycling them consistently, we can reduce our impact while keeping paper and forests in our lives.

You can learn more about recycling at Recyclebank, which inspires and rewards smart everyday choices for a more sustainable future and shares the latest news and views on recycling, sustainable living and environmental responsibility. Recyclebank also partners with communities and brands such as EarthChoice by Domtar to reduce society’s environmental footprint and preserve our resources for a greener tomorrow.

Recycle today so you won’t have to live in a world without paper — or trees — tomorrow.