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Attends Helps Loyal Customer Celebrate 100th Birthday

Attends Helps Loyal Customer

At Domtar, we go the extra mile for our customers. This is especially true of our Personal Care division, which makes products that help improve the quality of consumers’ daily lives — consumers like Marjorie Rosenberg*, to whom we sent a case of Attends disposable adult incontinence products to celebrate her 100th birthday.

Gloria Roebuck, a customer response specialist for Attends, always puts the personal in Personal Care. For the past 15 years, she has been taking phone calls from Attends customers who have questions about our products. She’s the reason we were able to give a special gift to a special customer.

The Call

In 2015, Roebuck received a call from a woman named Carol. Carol’s mother, Marjorie Rosenberg, loves Attends products and won’t use anything else for her incontinence needs. But when Rosenberg had some difficulty using one of our products, Carol called Gloria to find a solution.

During that conversation, Roebuck learned that Carol’s mother would turn 100 on July 5, 2016. Roebuck made a note to follow up.

In June, with Rosenberg’s 100th birthday around the corner, Roebuck sent Rosenberg a free case of Attends Overnight Underwear. She also included a birthday card signed by several employees of the Greenville, North Carolina plant, where the product is made.

Rosenberg replied with a handwritten thank you note and a photo of herself. In the note, she wrote:

“Dear Gloria, What a nice surprise! Many thanks to you and Attends for the case of panties. It is a pleasure doing business with your company. As for turning 100 — my motto is, ‘When they call me, I’m not going!’”

Rosenberg also noted that “Attends keep me young and dry.”

An Opportunity to Connect

We know that our products make a difference in the everyday lives of people. With a story like this one, we can see how our people also make a difference in the lives of our customers with their positive attitudes and quick answers to product questions and challenges.

How does Roebuck stay positive when her job becomes hectic and challenging, especially when we make product changes that can sometimes create confusion in consumers? She doesn’t see her job as one of managing complaints. Rather, she sees each call as an opportunity to build trust and connect with the person at the other end of the line.

“It could just as easily be my own mom on the phone,” Roebuck said. “I want to find a solution as quickly as possible, but I also take the time to get to know the person.”

* Marjorie Rosenberg’s name, age and story were shared with permission.