Paper Archives Brought Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery Back to Life

…newspaper articles, advertisements, patent documents, trademark details, logos, labels, marketing materials and other papers containing information essential to the business. One article provided clues to the family’s original whiskey recipe….

Tax prep paper documents

It’s Tax Time: Three Reasons Paper Documents Are Better

…which asks companies to eliminate extra fees associated with paper communications. Learn more about the advantages of paper documents by reading our article on why your estate plan needs paper….

Johnsonburg Pulp and Paper Mill helped shaped this Pennsylvania town

Johnsonburg Pulp and Paper Mill: 131 years of Papermaking

…Company, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Pulp and Paper Company, was incorporated for the specific purpose of manufacturing paper at Johnsonburg. The company set its sights there because of the…

Paper Making 101 Inside Our Paper-Making Process How Paper Is Made

Paper Making 101: Inside Our Paper-Making Process

…it? Here’s a peek at the paper-making process at our paper mills. Forming A paper machine is divided into two main components: the wet end and the dry end. The…

Paper Planners Increase in Popularity Despite Digital Advances

Paper Planners More Popular Despite Digital Advances

paper planners, calendars and appointment books have not only survived the digital revolution, but they’ve also become more popular. Sales of appointment books and paper planners rose 10 percent from…

communication Paper Performance

Communication Paper Mills Report Record Performance

This year is shaping up to be a great year for slush pulp and paper production at our seven communication paper mills. Both slush pulp and paper are running at…

Bill Edwards joins TAPPI board of directors

Domtar Senior Leader Joins TAPPI Board of Directors

paper industry through his long-standing involvement with TAPPI and the Pulp & Paper Safety Association. He was inducted into the Couch Pit Pulp & Paper Society in 2015. He also…

consumer prefer paper

Spoiler Alert: Consumers Still Prefer Paper Communications

Paper The research found that consumers are suspicious of companies that push paperless communication: 85 percent of the more than 2,000 American respondents said they think businesses promote paperless campaigns…

Social security statements

Will Printed Social Security Statements Make a Comeback?

…receiving important information via paper statements is well documented. A recent survey by Consumer Action showed up to three-quarters of respondents would choose to receive paper bills and statements by…

Image: Grey recycling bin in office environment, labeled

Domtar Is Committed to Increased Recycling Rates for Paper, Cardboard

…solutions to strengthen existing voluntary paper and paper packaging recycling programs. “We support better access to recycling and stronger infrastructure,” says Steve Henry, Domtar’s president of paper and packaging, “to…