Open book on tree stump in the forest with a seedling growing from it. As Domtar celebrates 175 years, we reflect on our sustainability story.

Domtar’s Sustainability Story: Another Reason to Celebrate Our Legacy

…adding to our continuing sustainability story. They look for innovations or efficiencies in our work and contribute to communities through our EarthChoice Ambassador programs. Tony Casilio, environmental, health and safety

These three students are completing Domtar internships. Learn more in our Newsroom story for National Intern Day on newsroom(dot)domtar(dot)com.

Three Students Reflect on Domtar Internships for National Intern Day

…treatment, environmental and safety operations that provide hands-on learning experiences and real opportunities to students eager to use their skills and talents. “Internships at our mills help college students look…

My Knowledge Tree

My Knowledge Tree Offers On-Demand Training to Our Team Members

…automatically going backward.” Grow With My Knowledge Tree While some My Knowledge Tree training, including safety and compliance, is mandatory, much of the content is optional, allowing employees to choose…

consumer prefer paper

Spoiler Alert: Consumers Still Prefer Paper Communications

…said they wanted to receive paper communication because of a sense of increased safety and permanence over electronic documents, especially when it comes to money management. For years, Domtar and…

celebrating 50 years of Cougar

Domtar Celebrates 50 Years of Cougar® at Rothschild Mill

…50th anniversary event recognized the work behind the printed page. Employees and leaders celebrated the mill’s commitment to quality and safety. Guests included representatives from the Wisconsin Paper Council and…

Domtar leader discusses our ESG approach

Domtar’s Comprehensive ESG Approach

…These groups focus on putting into practice the improvements that will advance us in each priority area — water, waste, emissions, fiber sourcing, safety, community engagement, and diversity and inclusion….

A United Steelworkers union member at the Domtar Ashdown Mill.

United Steelworkers Union Publication Features Ashdown Mill

…to become leaders in the industry.” United Steelworkers union members and Domtar have worked diligently to build comprehensive health and safety systems and find ways to respond to one another’s…

Hawesville Mill Continuous Improvement projects

Hawesville Mill’s Continuous Improvement Projects Deliver Results

Five years after the introduction of a transformative barge unloading system, our Hawesville Mill continues to embark on projects that help increase reliability and performance in producing pulp and paper….

Brand Elements

Here you’ll find easy explanations of our brand and our businesses, as well as guidelines for language and visuals that strengthen and champion the Domtar identity. We’re proud of who…