recycling paper

Making Paper New Again: The Limits of Recycling Paper

Paper is one of the great recycling success stories in the United States. In the 1980s, as the movement toward more conscientious treatment of the Earth and its natural resources…

Hawesville Mill Continuous Improvement projects

Hawesville Mill Wood Chip Conveyor Reduces Emissions, Improves Safety

Domtar’s Hawesville Mill in Hawesville, Kentucky, has been recognized as a leader in business and sustainability. It’s received several awards, including the 2016 Kentucky Governor’s Safety Award, and was named…

Estate Plan

Five Reasons Why Your Estate Plan Needs Paper

…or broker name; account number for each account; and a list of total assets and liabilities Insurance information with policy numbers, agent names and contact information Copies of your most…

Mike Wallace on sustainability reporting

Outside Voice: Mike Wallace, the Evolution of Sustainability Reporting

…greatness. They want to appear on Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list. Companies are realizing that key stakeholders and society at large are increasingly asking about environmental, social and governance…

Hawesville Mill Named Kentucky Manufacturer of the Year

Hawesville Mill Named Kentucky Manufacturer of the Year

…Mill support many local charity and outreach programs, such as the Ben Carson Reading Room at Foust Elementary School in Owensboro, Kentucky, and the Exploration Station in Daviess County, Kentucky….

consumers hold key to sustainability trends

Consumers Hold the Key to Sustainability Trends

Consumers play a significant role in driving sustainability trends in the pulp and paper industry. Today’s consumers demand products that are responsibly sourced, manufactured and tested, and research shows that…

blockchain technology

Is Blockchain Technology the Next Step in Sustainability?

…supports digital currency transactions (e.g., Bitcoin) and identity verification. “The name comes from its structure, in which digital records or blocks are linked together in a single list or chain,”…

Coloring Books for adults

Coloring Books Relieve Stress in Adults

…the local drug store. In fact, adult coloring books are selling so well that several titles appear on Amazon’s best-seller list. What’s behind the trend? Coloring — whether with crayons,…

bald eagle population

Domtar Preservation Program Sees Bald Eagle Population Soar

…species list, but local agencies still monitor the animals and their habitat. The WDNR, for example, has conducted bald eagle nest surveys for decades in key habitat areas, including those…

woodland management program at Domtar

Domtar and the Rainforest Alliance Host Woodland Management Event for Landowners

More than 70 woodland owners interested in the future health of forestland, biodiversity and the planet recently learned about sustainable woodland management at a daylong event hosted by the Rainforest…